Ayanna Berkshire

Originally from the remote San Juan Islands in Washington State, Ayanna Berkshire was just three years old when she began performing for audiences. But it was her love of the European theater and French film that led her to move to Paris when she was only 18 years old. Berkshire immersed herself in the French culture and language. She found employment as a nanny-by-day and stylist-by-night in the Paris fashion industry all while attending school where she studied the French language. After spending a few inspiring years in France she returned to the United States where she focused on pursuing her acting career. Ayanna’s film acting credits include her role as Cora in the first of the Twilight Movie Saga: “Twilight”, based on the best selling books by Stephenie Meyer and directed by Catherine Hardwicke. 2010’s “Extraordinary Measures” by director Tom Vaughan, starring Harrison Ford and Brendan Fraser, Kelly Reichardt’s “Wendy and Lucy” starring Michelle Williams (2008)