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You just paste the URL of the pic in your comment :)

You have the right click the image and save the URL from under 'properties'. Hope this helps !

Awww, no. keep the posts coming. I havent been on here too long either but ther is always some cyber smack down going on and then making up after it. ppl get the wrong end of things and that. I know ther has been some strained words with me nd others but we all jsut end up rollin the same way and get along.

Keep posting - its good to here ppls thougths - as for K's comment - i would hate ppl to come up to talk to me too - i live with my mp3 and sunglasses and avoid everyone lol - never mind crazy fans!! xx

Hey - i'll see what i can find on the shirt front - nothing comes to ming right away but i will look out and see if i see anything - i like trying to hunt things like this down whan icant sleep lol. xx


okaaay - back a lot sooner than i thought i would be - what about this?

it costs £20

Aww thanks - so not a problem - its good to help out. well the shirt is from a uk shop but i dont know where you live - if you want to get it i could help you if you want. just let me know! xx

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