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Thanks! It really helps that I've been introducing by bf to the show (having recently discovered that he's never seen BTVS) - means the clothes are fresh in my mind.

Good job spotting that D&G leopard tank!

hi are you still selling the inverness trench. i have been looking for it for 3 years and would be forever praising you for this. serious buyer and willing to pay immediately

Re: The Rozae Nichols top - I know, right? I've been looking for that shirt for *years* and when I finally find it it's a tad too big and a mite overpriced. (And frankly, I preferred the gold-toned version.) Oh well - at least now I know who made it and can keep an eye out for another.

Good spot on Buffy's Marc Jacobs blouse! That must have taken some serious digging. (Then again, *all* BTVS items do - vintage show, vintage wardrobe.)

Hey! What can I say? I had free time yesterday and I'm like a dog with a bone. What I found was a dress on eBay that matched - same pattern, same lining, same cut. The only difference is the lack of tie-closure on the keyhole. I remembered that it's common for designers to use the same elements in tops, dresses, and skirts - like BCBG (of which Parallel appears to be an offshoot) recycling designs. And most of those patterns are proprietary, as I understand it. This pattern's so distinctive it wasn't a huge intuitive leap. As far as I know the dress I originally saw is still for sale. I haven't seen any of the blouses currently listed, though.

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