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"The best thing in life is to admit how big of a dork you are and embrace it, life gets easier and a hell of alot more fun"

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hey glad you joined up and thanks for the and and also, I jsut love that quote up at the top!!

Have fun! xx

Love your quote!

haha thnx :D maybe I should contact simdog for a modeling job ;)

I got it at spoiled brat, but they sold out a long time ago.

Aww honey are you okay? What a prick.


Hey there, thank you so much for replying and for the eBay link. You're right though the ends are a little wispy, but the cut is dead on Joan's. :D I'm really scared, but I'm having it cut next week anyhow. I had a shag before but not as choppy as Joan's. Regarding the smokey eyes, thank you :), I use Bourjois smokey effect eyeliner, Bourjois smokey eyes shadow, dazzled dust by Barrym in black (no. 22), which is too too dazzling so use only tiny bit, and elastic mascara by Bourjois. I hope you don'y mind me posting pictures on your wall. Sorry!

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