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thanks for your help!
yeah that was I thought. Some shirts look really old and vintage.. like his Vodka T-shirt.
Mhhh.. yeah I found some nike clothes, lna and alternative apparel.
Hey, do you know what adidas shoes he wears in Twilight?
Btw do you use Twitter or Myspace?

I found the Ralph Lauren shirt! :D
You can buy it on the official online store.

- Kevin

Hey I was just wondering if your still thinking about doing some makeup/hair tutorials on youtube? That would be great:)

Hey Hey :) what's up?

oh great. thanks. that picture is really good actually. i appreciate it :)

Hello :) Where did you buy the studs for you studded converse shoes? I have no idea where to get them and I really want some!!

thank you so much <3

yeah, no problem :D

i didn't even notice you were the same person

hello .
thanks for the info on kristen's glasses, i've been trying to search for those since she wore them. have you found the brand close to what chloe was wearing?

thanks . :)

Hey, I'm actually wearing them right now lol. Revolve and they really helped with the sizing: http://www.revolveclothing.com/DisplayProduct.jsp?product...

I went with my regular Jbrand size. Oops forgot to add the coloring- they are a really nice color, don't be alarmed by the blue shown online ( both on the official site and revolve) it looks exactly like Stews.

hey i saw your post on kristen's page that the nudity was going to make you uncomfortable watching WTTR, but i just found this script review saying there isn't any. it has some spoilers, but here's the link:


Hey sorry for the delay with the pics, I was flying out when I posted. It looks like she's wearing it in these pics, I dunno if the dark outfit pics are coming off set, but the JD sweater I believe aren't:

I noticed your profile pic a few weeks ago, but i never commented on how much I like your hair.
Your hair is bitchin'.

omg thank you so much! youre awesome! i like your piercings, septum is so cool!

I love the cake eaters film, thank you posting the ebay link, i really don't know if I can justify spending $300 on a t shirt hmm.
I really love your hair too :)

Hi, I just realized that we must have commented to Elle_W's latisse comment on kristen's page at the same time bc your comment wasn't there when I replied but appears before mine on the page, so it looks like my 'that would suck' comment was in response to you talking about your eyes, which could seem really mean, and I just wanted you to know that it wasn't at all, it was just a general response that eyes would change color, I would hate to have my eyes change regardless of what color they were. That was a crazy run on sentence, haha, I just want to apologize and make sure you're not offended. :)

Sorry I'm just stupid... But how do you understang this "being" in 'being to hard'? Like... living? being in love? trying to make her love him? Is that what you mean by 'emotional context'?

Yes, what you wrote does make sense. I have a lat question: does this "I've been through you, now I'll clear you" quote mean "we've squared up with each other" or it's more like... "it's been over but now I forgive you"?

Hey. I was wondering if you've made any progress ( at all ) about Kristen's glasses ? :)

so far mine hasn't gotten pilly with wear. i have only worn it a few times so far. but it is a great shirt IMO

I really like your hair,. And in a cheesy way your personality your sooo nice. I'm glad im your fan;)
Loveya x

Dear god, I love it. Your hair looks good however you have it cut. You're one of those lucky ladies.

ohh man I love your hair!! screw it I'm going for the shave! but its only on the side! I just need to get an appt and my hairdresser to agree to it without trying to certifi me lol!


I was thinking somthing like this...

Which Kristen hairstyle/color?

i looooove your hair!! envious* wish i were that brave...

That's my favorite Kristen hairstyle-period too. I loved it in Paris during Twilight Promo. Hotness.

hi. i love your hair. i WISH WISH WISH i could pull something like that off. i'm just looking for sidebangs and shorter hair haha. the most dramatic thing i've pulled is purple streaks junior year of high school (which was years ago, don't judge lol). anywho, i love agyness deyn and i love your hair, basically. SO JEALOUS.

Hello Girl :) Nice haircut. I remember you telling you're a mascara junkie so I will ask you this question: what do you think about a mascara bought in the 30th of April this year? Will it be good? I've been offered one (not really offered but a nice price) and I don't know if it is any good... so what do you think?
I didn't want to post this totally off question on Kristen's profile that's why I'm here.

Yes, what I meant was they could go dry and stuff... Or cloddy. Thanks a lot, I will save a couple of bucks thanks to you.

Those really helped me. Thanks a bunch! i will print those off to take with me. especially that last one with head turned at rob. that really shows the layers great!!! thanks :)

Thanks, I (heart) Iggy! Check out those rare pics of celebrities here: http://izismile.com/2010/01/20/rare_photographs_of_celebr...

Cool haircut btw, very Agyness Deyn.

My pleasure! Yeah, I loved those when I first saw them. I was actually thinking of printing some of them on tees, they'll totally look vintage (I'm obsessed) haha

Sure thing, will let you know. ;)

Thanks for your help, I find less if you want: http://blueandcream.com/Runway/lims10-8.html?source=shops...
I hesitate! =)

Yeah me too!!! But $189.00 it's really ewpensive, even if it was $325...
Ohhh I would love to buy it!!! =)
Tell me if you're gonna to buy it.

Hey - have you got your lipstick yet?! I've got a date with my new guy tonight and i think i'll rock a little bit of really rosy lol. xx

oops. we both spotted the same NARS makeup. Feel free to flag mine, I'm not sure how to do it. :)

lipstick.......? I'm getting worried its been snapped up by customs - but i did mark it as a gift! xx

thank you!

hey soryry to bug you again - but i saw you said that you have the nars glow foundation - is it any good? I have the Dior stuff and its pretty good but i was jsut wondering for next time - i might give it a little go. Is it heavy too? xx

okay...i'm sure you would have said - but any word on the lippy yet?

If you dont have it by next week, i'll order you a new one, on me!!

Hi there, would you mind passing along the link to The Yellow Handkerchief? Pretty please?

Thank you so much!!

hey sorry, been kinda hectic - well i cant find out from this end but i'm gonna get you a new one ordered cos i feel bad - i'll get it sorted and send it again. that really sucks. I wonder if they opened it and saw the little bopoklet and thought i was a seller...IDK. but your WILL get one!!! xx

Oh my god!! Really! thats crazy. I wonder how it ended up there. I was going to actually order another one this week cos I felt so bad. I was one of the scammed and I felt a little crap that you had lost out too, but cos yours was a lot easier replaced I thought i would jsut get another one for you.

where have you been? your presence is missed!

Random question, but would you happen to know of anyone who lives in Germany who can help me buy something from Ebay? thanks :)

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