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Yeah, it's amazing. I love it! Think it's gonna be a great movie. I'm very excited to see it, too.

My sister found the script on the internet. If you're interested to read it let me know and I can send you the link.

i found it on the runaways page on imdb, in a dicussion there was a link posted.

i have also found welcome to the rileys script: http://www.wattpad.com/155944-welcome-to-rileys-movie-script
if your intrested (it's the first link on google if you enter 'welcome to the rileys script')
that one was easy to find haha,
can't wait to see both films!

Hi! I'm sorry it took me such a while to reply on the forever21 boots. They reach up below the knee. I would say just like how the ALDO boots kristen has. Same height! Great boots. :)

hey - sorry by the way i deleted your comment because i thought it said 'reply' and no i'm afraid i don't, but i will look for one and message you if i do, do you think you could send me a message so i know who to send it to please if i find it, thanks x

yes, I found out that People Tree does indeed ship to the U.S. It was mentioned on the shipping prices on their website. However, it's pretty pricey, so I probably will never be able to buy anything unless it's on sale by a lot haha

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vicky !
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