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OMG ! Where did you find your POP LEATHER JACKET WITH NAVY CUFFS ?!


Oh ok. And what did you tape ?
Did you pay a lot ? :)

Oh yeah I saw it on ebay few days ago , but I though it was too much expensive for a simple "Vintage Leather Jacket" ... =)
But I'm happy for you ! I hope you'll love it ! =)

Thanks ! :D
Do you have one ?

I found them on the german ebay, they still have some left.
Here's the link:
Hope that helps :)

Hi there,
sorry I write that late!!
I got the vans sid on ebay in white...i'm still deliberating to dye them blue but.. idk I like the sids in white ;)
the seller was coachs_corner1,
here is the link:

Not mine, one of my friends and so sick. I have something similar on my arm though.

I used this site as a guide to dye mine:

I used this guide by Corduroybear they turned out ok but i think it needs more time then 30 seconds but you can just take them out and see how intense the colour is until you get it to where you want it.
This is Corduroys steps:
1) bucket of very warm water
2) Add two boxes of rite dye in 'navy blue', but there is also a 'royal blue' which is closer to Kristen's actual color
3. stir both packets together in bucket
4. Drip shoes in bucket for 30 seconds...longer if you desire a more intense color.
5. let air dry
6. after sneakers are dry, i look a Q-tip dipped in bleach and cleaned up the rubber so that there was no blue dye left over. (BE CAREFUL- if you get bleach on the dyed canvas if will turn it an unflattering pink!)
7. i took regular white acrylic paint to cover the 'v' on the side.

Thank you for the warm welcome :)

hey whats up?

not much really just listening to music...

lol thanks,your profile is really nice too.

Ha's from Napoleon Dynamite...when the movie came out, everyone I know said I looked just like her :D

haha yeah i think it's because it's like this new and vintage thing that people have forgotten about. lucky for us, we have kristen stewart as a trendsetter haha. i want to get a REAL vintage one, that has real silver.

nice spots!

I looooooooooove your ray ban in purple is so great, where did you buy them?

Oh lol I didn't know her lolll! Yeah I love these sunglasses, I don't wear them but those are awsome! Cuz I love purple! =)
But I don't know what's the difference between 50 and 54 mm, is it a big difference?

Thanks for your help girl! =) I never bought Ray-Ban lol, I think 50 mm will be good!

Hey would you happen to know anyone who lives in Germany who'd be willing to help me buy something from Ebay? thanks

good things

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