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Hi, thank you for your interest.
The H&M plaid shirt is no more available.
The AE shirt is still available.
I don't think I'll put this items on ebay. For the moment I just make transactions trought paypal.

Hey girls !
As you maybe saw, the last lucky brand stripe henley (Bella wears in New Moon) was sold on ebay for the insane price of 170 $.
We decided to create a FB fans page to get this item re release !
Please, just join & leave a comment; we really need as fans as possible for this item too !
I hope you will be enthusiastic about this project =)

Thanks! I'm twilighter_1901@rocket

Hey i saw u have the jenni kayne skirt, which zara one were you talking about, the tulip one? Thanks! :)

Hi thanks but was it this one or this one which the fabric is not similar?

And i love your skirt! U r so lucky i have not seen anyone with it! And thanks for being my fan, i friened you on livej! ;)

Thanks i get it now! Thats weird though because the one which is not similar is 100 % cotton like the real jenny kayne one! Anyway thanks for your help, i will try them both on! Xx

compraste el dvd en mixup? o donde, y en cuanto estaba?? =) , graciasss

hello, i saw on your livejournal, and i saw these American Apparel Unisex Striped Socks, and i was wondering if they're for sale?

very sorry, if my comment is weird:)

What size is your belstaff jacket?

Is your Belstaff jacket still available? Please answer :) thank you

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