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Thanks for adding as a fan ;))


Yay! your on CS again :)

Got my peacock thermal today! Woohoo XD

You really have a good eye for things :)

I haven't worn it yet, but the weather's going to start cooling down soon so it'll be coming out for sure! :)

Got the tammy cardi & I love it! :)

Yea another san diego vampire diaries fan!

I never heard back from you but I am hoping that you got my message and you were able to get me 1 of those camis. . I am looking for either a medium or large so if you did not get the message and you have any extras please let me know. Thank you

Yes please! A size M would be preferred but L is also ok if that is all thats left. Just let me know how much to send you. Thanks!

Did you ever end up getting the tank? I hadn't heard back so I wasn't sure. Thanks either way!

I am interested by the lb striped long sleeve! I'm out of the town tonight could you keep me the top until tomorrow?

Interested in Elena's duvet. How much did you originally buy it for? Can't pm cause I'm on
Mobile. Thanks!

Do you have caroline clothes?

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