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True Blood is an American television drama series created by Alan Ball, based on the Sookie Stackhouse book series by Charlaine Harris. The show is broadcast on the premium cable network HBO in the United States. It is produced by HBO in association with Ball's production company, Your Face Goes... Read More


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Sookie's Floral Forever 21 button up top

First season 5 promotional video arrived:
Can't wait for the show to begin, although I was really disappointed with season 4.

I love true blood ...its one ov my fav show...cant w8 for the another season<3

Almoste all of Marianna Harutunian True Blood Jewelry is available on Marianna Harutunian's Etsy Store.

Does anyone have the Forver 21 Heritage 1981 shirt for sale? I am definately interested in buying it if so. :)

Selling: J.Crew Printed Swiss Dot Alexa Dress aso both Sookie and Jessica. It's a size small. Pics available upon PM :)

Selling J.Crew Printed Swiss Dot Alexa Dress aso both Sookie and Jessica in the SA yellow. Size small. It's on ebay under the name itemsfromthepast. Please message me if you need a link. Thanks!

Can u send a link to me? :)

I still have this dress if anyone is interested.

The closer season 6 is getting the more I'm feeling sorry for what they have done to one of my favourite TV shows. I mean what happened to this show? Screenwriters had such great inspiration in Charlaine Harris' books and they totally ruined it. Such a shame! I thought I would never say that but I hope the will kill off Bill. His character is ruined beyond repair.
Season 4 was tolerable but the 5th one was tragic. What happened? Where are all those great plots from the books?
I'm not sure if I'm going to watch the upcoming season.

Anyone know where I can watch this for free? We don't have HBO anymore. :(

Love the blue sweater Sookie wore last night! Anyone find it?

It's by Forever 21 and is called the Slub Knit Raglan Sweater. It's still listed in the online store.

Thank you! I purchased one online!

If anyone has Jessica's FP Daisy top in a size M or L and would like to trade for a S please message me. The small fits but I would prefer a bigger size.

Anyone know what the brown cross body purse Sookie has in episode 2 season 6?

Who keeps spotting items and not adding a picture?

Please feel free to join this new facebook group dedicated to helping people collect, find items, and share all of their screen accurate clothing!

Anyone know where Sarah Newlin's blue dress came from?

That is what I was just about to ask! It was really cute! :) Hope we can find it!

I believe the dress is an Anthropology dress. I found one on ebay in black.

I NEED the dress Sarah wore in last nights episode....fitted tiffany blue near neckline with channel inspired gold chains....ANYBODY? thank You! Thank You!

I really like the Forever 21 Floral Lace Pullover Adilyn wore in S06E10 of True Blood, but unfortunately, my store doesn't have it. If anyone has it in a M or L and is willing to sell, please msg me. I prefer the pink version, but willing to accept the ivory as well. Thanks :D


Do you have a style number for it? I can check my store tomorrow

Nope, unfortunately I don't. :( But ty for offering.

Can anyone find Sookie's church dress? I've been looking for two nights and can't find it. Are you guys thinking it is custom?

Hey guys! Just made a new list of items I am selling! Items include Aeropostal Lace Hoodie, Scattered Heart Hoodie, Heritage Forever 21 button up, Forever 21 Thermal (Season 6 and Actual pink color, Garden Dress by American Eagle, and Bilabong dress. Message me if interested!

Selling Sookie's American Eagle Flower Garden Dress size 12! Message me!

Hey ladies! Would anyone be willing to trade a size M or L Sookie Madewell jacket for a S?

Hi guys! I have a blog dedicated to True Blood and I'm now accepting guest writing post submissions. If you would like to submit and article for publication, just message me :D

For Sookie/ True Blood fashion and items check out this group!

Anyone wanting to find out about new Sookie items join this facebook page.

New video! A bedroom / vanity table / closet tour! Watch to see a glimpse at my True Blood & Buffy the Vampire Slayer clothing collection! :D Hope you like it! Please thumbs up / comment or subscribe, if you do like it :D <3


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