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The Vampire Diaries is an American supernatural-fantasy horror television series developed by Kevin Williamson, based on the book series of the same name by L. J. Smith. The series follows the life of Elena Gilbert who falls in love with vampire brothers Stefan and Damon Salvatore. The series also focuses... Read More



should be better than True Blood

i think i like the pilot. im not sure if it will be great show, you know, after only one episode, but think it was pretty good. looking forward to next episode.

heard good reviews about the show!might watch it this weekend

omg it was not what i expected but it was still great!!!

this is my new fav show!!the first episode didnt catch me but the second sure did cant wait for this weeks episode

yeah me too!along with GLEE!cannot wait for the next episode

can anyone spot this outfit

the tank looks like the lucky brand ribbed lace tank that is already spotted except in a teal color

Damon is supah HOT!

the show is getting more exciting!!

The Watercolor feather shirt that was spotted is from Urban Outfitters and it retails for only $28. Good deal in my book. Here's the link:

Damon is sooo amazing!love the story!

i love this show! it is so addicting and gives me my fill of vampires before the next Twilight movies come out :)
but anyways....i was trying to find a shirt that she Elena wore in either last week or the week is a blue v-neck long sleeve but has buttons on the cuffs...any idea? i was till try to find a picture to load.

Hey Kerbear, small world! ;)

Oh yeah, I'm totally addicted to VD and finding the clothes they wear is so much more satisfying than Twilight because less time passes between the filming and the viewing. So much easier than finding clothes from 2-3 seasons ago.

Are you referring to the thermal she wore on the episode in which they were celebrating Stefan's b-day? because that's the Free People Newbie thermal. She wore the eggplant color. It was a zip on the cuffs.

I think the one that she is talking about is a navy henley that has a two seam details down the bodice and snap buttons on the cuffs. Do you have any idea what kind of tank top she wears in Friday Night Bites? It looks green or grey with ruffles and polka dots.

hey jazz :) i know right this is cool that we are on another one together. i am talking about the on that forbidden1 is talking about but i can't find the picture i saved of it!!! i will see if i can dig it out later today and get it up here so you guys can help me out.

Is that the one we need to spot?


Here is another pic:


yes! that's the one :)

ps. i love her attitude in that second picture :) but i love the shirt more!

I have been trying to spot it and I'm not giving up until we do! :)
It's really close to what Free People does though, with the details on the cuffs...

A site called Bluefly has some tops similar with the button detailing on the cuffs, but they were not henleys.

Just to let you know that I'm still searching. This is the closest I have found so far (alpine color), it's pretty much the same neck line, buttons at the cuffs. The main difference is thata the buttons are regular, not the Snap type like hers:

we are getting closer!

I know it's been a while but I'm still searching for that henley and the ruffled tank - online and in store. I haven't found the real thing yet - and as time passes I'm afraid chances to find it get slimer. So here are 2 tops that I just bought as alternatives for the henley, I think the Guess one (first one) is the closest:


Does anyone know what kind of tank this is or who makes it? It's a tank or camisole under the jacket. It looks green with black polka dots and ruffles.


really wanna know what bag that is too!!!!

Did you have any luck finding the bag? I thought that maybe it would be a Lucky Brand one since her other bag was made by Lucky.

I found the bag! I'm so proud of myself.

That's a great spot Forbidden! Congratulations! I know this took hours and hours of searching! Did you find a site to buy it from?

Unfortunately, Lucky Brand does not sell this purse anymore. I think it is from 2007. However, if you watch ebay "lucky brand suede purse" some will show up. I have one in brown and one in black. I have also seen green, red, and blue. Happy hunting!

I have been trying to spot that one too. If we were to guess what brand it could be from the design, which ones do you think it could be from? I thought maybe Juicy Couture. Also, I have an AE tank top that is grey with polka dots, no ruffles but lace. The fabric it's made of is so very similar to her tank.

I'm thinking juicy couture. I have the AE tank too, but it's navy without the polka dots.

here is a better view of the blue shirt with button cuff. it also has buttons going down the left side of the V part of the neck, it has a pouch...if that helps any...


Is that a pouch or is it just two seam details down the front of the shirt?

oh idk now. now that you mention it it could just be seams, cuz it does look like it goes all the way up. damn i wish it wasn't so dark!

Anyone know what brand Caroline is wearing in episode 5 where she goes/is compelled to see Damon? It's a blue, gold zipper hoodie with extra wide collar. I've searched Juicy, and I can't seem to find it.

Has anyone had any luck with finding Elena's black bag. She carries it in almost every episode.

Free people actually made a new shirt that looks similar to the henley elena wears (dark gray, henley with seams down the front) but it doesn't have the sleeve buttons and it doesn't look as nice in my opinion...

I found a link where you can ask the CW what the characters were wearing. Can somebody ask about the black bag and the blue shirt?
I will also post it on my wall.

Hey Madhatter, I sent my questions to that e-mail over a week ago and got no reply. Were you luckier?

No. They didn't respond to me either! :C

In episode 11, Jeremy is wearing a black hooded jacket. It is made by a clothing store called Ever. Here's the link.

I saw that Forbidden1!too!and I'm gonna add it now!

Ever is an amazing clothing company. I have some of their tshirts and hoodies. Right now they are clearancing everything.

yeah you are right!! but i found out that Jeremy's (Steven) is wearing a hooded sweatshirt and not the beachwood :( see the screencap of him?

kind of bella and edward reloaded ;) but I like it!

I love Jeremy! I think he is suuupper CUTE!and Damon too!I sooo love this show!<3

i love this show
is the best
i wish i can see it everyday
bie the way i hate the books
it suks
elena is such a diffrent person. i love elena in the show she is the best
i said in other blogs that they dont change athat much but i take it back
they frigking change the whole thing
i mean almost evrything

Does anyone know the brand of the black hooded tunic/cardigan that Bonnie wears over her Free People tunic in the Bloodlines episode (the episode where Damon takes Elena to Georgia)?

This is the one I'm looking for:



Which tunic are you talking about? Have you spotted the one she's wearing here?

The black hoodie with the skirted hem. I'm still looking for it.

I meant the shirt she's wearing underneath. You said it's free people?


Well... could you point me in the direction of where to find it? Lol. I love Bonnie's clothes!

I love her clothes too! I got mine from FP's online store last winter. It looks like they don't have them anymore :(
I'll keep an eye out and let you know if I find one.
I hope you find one soon!

Ahh ok. Thanks!

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