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The Vampire Diaries is an American supernatural-fantasy horror television series developed by Kevin Williamson, based on the book series of the same name by L. J. Smith. The series follows the life of Elena Gilbert who falls in love with vampire brothers Stefan and Damon Salvatore. The series also focuses... Read More



The episode tonight was good. I'm a little bummed that we have to wait till Jan. 27th for new episodes, but from the minor preview they showed it looks like its going to be good.

Oh yeah! Plus, we can use the ''downtime'' to do more spots! :D

I really enjoyed the episode tonight. I like happily ever after feelings even though it might only be for now. Agreed!!! More time to find things while re-watching old episodes.

Agreed!! we need to spot the new Elena's bag and her new jeans, she seems to wear jegging sometimes.... :)

AHH Jan 27?!?!?!?!!! ugh... oh well, lets spot!!!

There is the second two marathon all this coming week. So it won't be too bad.

I keep the episodes on my dvr so that I can re-watch them so that I can spot clothes. haha!

I bought from the first seller and the pendant came today. She had the best price and a product is gorgeous. Comes in a case with a packet of vervain and everything. Its lovely.

It looks like they both sell the same locket. That version is made in China and can probably be bought at a better price directly from the jeweler here:

I own the Chinese and the Etsy (Laurie) versions and I prefer the Etsy (on the right):


Thank you for the pics!!

Does anyone know what jacket caroline was wearing in The Sacrifice episode where she was walking through the woods with Tyler? (pic is above, she has on the frye billy heel short boots) it looks like a denim jacket with a very faint floral print. Thanks :)

As alternatives for the KG by Kurt Geiger Emiline pumps, Here are these that I bought at my local bakers.

Great alternative! They look exactly the same except the suede to leather difference. Thanks for posting! these are my alt pick. i'm a sucker for sky high heels.

I love the clothes from Vampire Diaries, but I also LOVE the music. Joel & Luke are offering this download for FREE. It's from the Sacrifice episode. It's a beautiful song...

Has anyone found this shirt? I really, really like it.. and cant find it! :( Someone make me happy, please! lol

I have been searching for it forever and no luck. You should see some of the old lady looking tees that pop up when you punch sunflower or hummingbird into a search engine. haha!

It looks Lucky Brand-esque.

@bluebutterfly: I hope so too!
@forbidden: LOL!!!
@hearshapped: yes, it also looks like other brands too :/

I have the Guess Savage Corset top that Caroline wears for sale. Let me know if you are interested. Yes, I will ship internationally.

Did you sell it yet? How much is it if you haven't?

Anyone know who makes this shirt Love it. woul love to get my hands on it.

For whoever wants caroline's miss sixty jacket, it's for sale at overstock.

Link please?

I can't. CS has been removing almost all my links so I'm trying to keep it to a really small minimum. Just type in "Miss Sixty Coat" on

Thanks! Are you guys banning links again? =\

Finished watching all the episodes yesterday xD My favorite scene out of all of them is when Stefan was crying. It made my heart clench but he looked adorable. The show really changed my opinion on Twilight x)

anyone know who makes the purple shirt Elena is wearing in "The Sacrifice". I have the picture in my previous post above.

It hasn't been spotted yet but I have close alternative from Energie.

do you have the site??

I bought it at a department store so they don't have an online shop. But Energie is a cheap brand that can be found in most chain stores.


I have 2 navy aeropostale tops in size M available, both new (short sleeve and long sleeve):

If anyone is interested, please send me a private message. Thanks!

I usually post on the Bella page, but forbidden1 told me you girls here are very nice as well so that I should just go ahead and post it here :)

Tops gone!

Oh darn I missed them. I should have checked here before I went on the Bella page lol.

Does anyone have the Guess lace cami to sale ?

forbidden1 does

Does she mean the one Elena wore at the car wash or the one that Caroline wore?

I think Caroline because Caroline's had lace.

I started a LJ's journal to show you my VD's collection. Can I have yours for I could see your stuff ?

I have my LJ link in my website area on my profile. I have nothing from VD yet though because I just recently became addicted xD

added you:) love your stuff

Thank you!

I was thinking of getting the Kensie girl ruffle boots, do you recommend them? I was reading some reviews and people said that they weren't great quality and they were noisy when you walked.

I haven't receive them yet, sorry!

Right now I just posted all the outfits from the show. I haven't shown anything of mine yet.

I actually just spotted the boots. They're by Solea, but they're sold out. =( Will you let me know how you like yours when you get them?

Whoa - some of you guys' "collections" are amazingly awesome O.O ... wish I had the budget to stock up on mine (;

Any dets on Katherine's season 2 necklace? I so far haven't found a close-up enough pic to look for one inspired by it or a replica or something.
I'm also looking for an affordable bracelet similar to the one she wears in "Masquerade" and the following episodes.
Would be cool if someone had any suggestions ;D

Its is the same stone as Caroline, Stefan and Damon have its called Blue Lapis. I actually looked all over craft fairs this year and I didn't see anything like it. I'm looking for a close up picture. I've considered making one just to see if I can make one similar. But I'm not jewelry smith, so it'll probably look horrible. Its the same stone that's found in her Cameo necklace that she wears when you watch a flash back scene, in the first season. I've been looking all over for one that is close, I'll let you and all the other girls know if I find anything.

thankies (;
I knew it was another Lapis Lazuli - I've found tons of necklaces with oval stones on them, but in some shots Katherine's seems to have some silvery "decoration" (for a lack of better words (; ) on it (like, on the stone, not just around it)

No problem. Yeah it seems pretty simple, that's why I figured I'd give it a go to make one.

Frye Carmen Harness Short Boots does anyone have them for sale in a size 7.5? I'm looking for a pair? Please message me if you have a pair for sale, plus price and s&h cost. I live in the US for reference.

They have it for sale on Zappos, free shipping too. Unless you wanted to buy it from someone for a cheaper price xD

Or go to ebay and type in Frye, I found a few there.

Yeah I was looking for a little cheaper than Zappos, however I love Zappos s&h policy. I have looked on ebay, none popped up in my size. I'll have to check again though. Thank you :)

Poo Zappos didn't have my size. Still looking for the if someone is selling!

Frye Carmen Harness Short Boots on eBay:
Brown - Pre Owned
Black - Brand New

Thank you bellfire :) I'll be keeping my eye on the pre-owned ones I would love the brown over the black more, I have so many black shoes as it is. Thank you!

Thank you but I missed out on them.

The hiatus is so long ! I'm bored! I need of my delena's dose! :)

Same here! (:
It's my "fangirl obsession", thihi. I recently got back into "roleplaying" (the fanfictioning together kinda type ;D) to satisfy my hunger a bit, and am currently working on a pattern for my second "Katherine Pierce flashback scenes inspired dress"... but... nothing can make up for the lack of new episodes. le sigh.

You girls aren't going to believe me! I was online the other night when I found the Adrianna Papell lace dress on, it was the only one in my size and on clearance; destiny!! I ordered it but wasn't really hopeful because I thought it was a mistake. It got here in time for xmas and I waited till then to open it. Its beautiful!! and the price is even better! I only paid $36.96 with shipping :D heres a pic as proof! lol

I love the way it says 'You Save $159.81 (85%)'


That's so awesome! I've been hoping it'll go on sale on promgirl, but I've yet to see any discount.

Lucky! You should have posted the link after you bought yours. ;)

@heartshapedglasses: Mine was the only one they had :( The drop down button only had a size 6 option and when I tried to up the quantity, it wouldnt let me. As soon as I completed the purchase, I went back to the listing and it said out of stock and thats when I took the printscreen image. Then the next morning, the link wasnt active anymore. I would have for sure shared if there was more :D If I see anymore on sale in the future, I'll let you all know.

@ellamia: thanks :D

Oh wow, you really lucked out then! And thanks. =)

I got it while it was on sale, too (: ... before I "discovered" this website though.

However: I got an email from belk saying if I wanted another one, I should email them [via customer service] && they'd locate it and point me to the store to order it through them ~ so anyone wanting to buy it from belk could try that [it was marked as "on sale" as soon as it appeared on their website (instead of being listed regular first), so chances are good the in-store price isn't that much higher - good luck!]

@saphirajane: thank you for the information. i'll be contacting them immediately :)

Just a quick question. What was Anna's Daylight jewelery? I don't remember TVD showing us, she always seems to wear different necklaces and earrings, so was it a ring?

If I remember correctly, it was one of the rings she was wearing - the bottom one in this picture (it has a small blue stone in the upper part of the "front") -


I missed Anna! Not because she has the same name as me, of course, but because I really like her.

I liked Anna a lot, she had awesome style!

loved her style.

I loved her too! I still can't believed they killed her off! =(

Maybe they'll add a new character for Jeremy to date that's like Anna but human instead of a vampire.

Bonnie seems to be that girl for him.

Maybe, but I mean Bonnie is a witch. Jeremy has not "special" powers or anything, he's human like Elena and well I just see him ending up with someone who has nothing extra or supernatural going on with them. I like Bonnie and Jeremy, but I loved Anna and Jeremy. I kind of hope for him to find someone like Anna again.

I think that they should find someone that he's going to stick around's always so sad to see how all of his girlfriends end up dying. And then Bonnie rejected him, so that of course didn't help.

Anyone know the name of the song in the commercial for the upcoming episode??

They sometimes have that on youtube. Let me look.

Here's the name of the song: "Timebomb" by Flesh

Do you know the album?

Aah! I'm in love of the new photo of the next episode !! <333

Could you post a link? I haven't seen it yet.

I post them in my live journal and on CS too.

Sorry, I didn't see that before. THANKS!

Bonnie's free people tank in size 2 and pink

Hey guys I uploaded a new pic I think I have found Kat's pants from The Return but wanted to see what you guys think first. Kat's do have a white stitch on her bum but wardrobe could have done that like they have modified some of her other clothes. What do you think? The pants have those lines around the hips like hers do??

Its so hard to tell. They could be by Current/Elliott they have black skinny jeans and their "lable" is written in white on that side of the jeans.

I need some help finding out the name of a song from a VD promo.. Can anyone help me? :) The newest promo on tv: Stefan, Katherine,(I'm assuming) and Damon are laying on a bed. The song isn't Cosmic Love. Anybody know? It's a slow and short piece I think I remember.;feature=re...
After going through like a hundred videos here's a video of it :)

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