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The Vampire Diaries is an American supernatural-fantasy horror television series developed by Kevin Williamson, based on the book series of the same name by L. J. Smith. The series follows the life of Elena Gilbert who falls in love with vampire brothers Stefan and Damon Salvatore. The series also focuses... Read More



I'm selling a Guess Savage corset in size XL, new with tags. I think it's a rare size, I haven't seen any like it on ebay. I'm also selling the Free People Mulberry jacket , new without tags, size 12, that Caroline wore over the Savage corset.

I would take the savage corset! Do you still have it?

I want to post this here in case anyone is interested. I have to run back to the mall I'm planning Thursday in the early afternoon because I don't feel like driving in what's coming my way weather wise tomorrow. But I'm returning some items and one stop is the VS store. When I was there on Friday, they had a few cami's in a size XS only, but there where a few white ones. If anyone is interested message me asap. I won't know what's left until I get there, but there where at least four of them in white. So if you want one let me know. They'll be the 12.99 sticker price, plus the tax I have to pay and shipping. This mall is close by and I need to go so there will be no charge for gas this time. Let me know if you are interested. I am still hunting for the gray and pink ones and so it my Aunt down in the Columbus area.

Does anybody have an Aeropostale Long Sleeve Henley in Navy Blue or Dark Gray or Burgundy in size Small for sale?

I'm selling an Aeropostale long sleeve henley size S in white, worn one time.

What do you think are the dimensions of the Lock and Load painting? I'm thinking about buying the stretched canvas, since that is apparently the one she has.

30X26.5. I got mine and It's perfect as Elena :)

@delena tu l'as acheté où?

@Bella S : J'ai posté le lien sur la page du tableau :)

tu as pris quel modèle?

Le modèle art print avec un cadre en plus.

I seriously need to get season one on DVD or Blu-Ray. Which format do you girls reccommend?

-so excited :D-

Someone needs to remind me like 10 minutes before lol. I missed last weeks and had to watch it online. I even forgot today lol

how can you forget such a thing?! ;p ... just remind yourself that tonight you'll see some Damon-Hottness ;D (according to spoilers and such, haha) ... not that he's not always dashing

WWSJ: We have an hour and six minutes until the new episode. Just to remind you :)


SKDAKDLSDFDKS Epic episode. I love Caroline even more! I wish Caroline and Tyler could get together D: Bonnie and Jeremy were sooo cute! xD

Only time will tell for Caroline and Tyler. I hope they get together too! I was happy to see Bonnie and Jeremy, get over the tomb mess.

Just watched last weeks and yesterdays episode!!!
Poor Caroline, I love her.

These episodes to come are going to be good. I know I felt so bad for her.

Anyone else in love with Caroline's outfit from last night? I loved the booties and skinnes together. I am going to try and find ssome caps to recreate outdit.

She's been wearing the skinnies and booties a lot since she changed. Check Frye for the boots. It seems that is a popular brand among the costume department and actors of that show.

I wish I could wear Frye the styles I have tried do not fit. My feet are two wide. I bought some blowfish botties hoping to recreate the same type of look but after trying the boots on again at home they were too small. I have to remember in boots to size up lol! Thanks though.

Not a problem. I know its hard to tell with boots. I have a narrow foot but in boots I find a Medium width is very comfortable. I'll see if I find some cute look-a-likes for you. :)

Please Help!! I'm looking for Elena's new leather bomber jacket in the Daddy Issues episode. Any ideas??

Do you have a picture? I could look tomorrow. I have a whole lotta nothing to do this weekend.

No, I wish I did. I don't have a program that allows me to take screen caps from the show. : ( I have just been pausing different shots on my tv and trying to spot it. lol

Maybe KRMA ? I don't know. She seems to wear a lot KRMA 's jackets.

@Delena already checked. They have nothing that has a ribbed collar like Elena's

They are in the process of creating and making new jackets for Nicholas Bowes New York (KRMA side project) so it might not be released yet if it is indeed a KRMA jacket! Caroline's leather jacket that she wore in Bad Moon Rising was KRMA yet I've never seen it on their website.

@bellfire89, that's very interesting news! Would you by any chaance have a link to an article or any info about that new collection from KRMA?

Can we PLEASE stop posting redundant spots? I get excited that something was found and then log on to find it was strawberries. I mean come on now.

Lol, I know me too I was like strawberries? Yeah not something to get excited about.

Totally agree with that, please stop posting strawberries or champagne, really not exciting spot :)

Bonnie's FP Floral Henley Tunic in Grey size Small:

New episode tomorrow, what do you think is going to happen?

Awesomeness and Hotness! haha! I can't wait! I love Thursdays!

I have to wait until tomorrow mornign to see it:(

Excellent episode! I can't wait for next week.

Has anyone spotted Elena's boots from the promo (running down the stairs), they look like Frye...

do you have a picture?

checking out the promo now. its hard to say because its so quick and the colors are so muted.

edit: i looked at frye boots, tall ones and there are to many straps on elena's to be frye boots, that i can see. a better picture would help me more though.

They look like they are knee high, but it's hard to tell. It also looks like she is wearing a dark green long sleeve vneck shirt.

We'll be able to tell more later on tonight. It looks like she wears the same outfit in many scenes. Because it looks like the boots she wears on the steps she also wears on the dock, when she's wrapped in the blanket.


i'm looking for the fleur de lis and angel wings shirt caroline had on under a jacket a couple of episodes ago. it's pale pink or peach with white wings & symbol

Any of you got an idea what this might be Any help is more than welcome. :) (talking about the cardigan/blazer thingy)


might be Splendid. Looks like some of their cardigans.

Just watched last nights episode. Go Bonnie and Jeremy!

I know, finally :D

I pretty like Jules's look. Don't like her at all...But her style is cool. Especially her hoodie from the last episode.

She has the comfortable laid back style. I'm interested to see what happens with her and Tyler. If they remain friends or what not.

she's a biatch!

Haha, yes she is.

A bitch with a great style through !!! :=)

Same here! I hate her but anything she wears looks good on her. Including the random men's clothes from that camp site lol.

I actually like her and her style. She's a b*tch but I like how she doesn't let people mess with her. Kind of like Katherine, almost. Almost.

Just watched yesterdays episode. JEREMY AND BONNIE 4EVA! Lol jk but seriously, I love them as a couple x) I wanted Caroline and Tyler! :( I'm not to fond on Caroline and Matt.

Anything is possible. I honestly do not see Caroline and Matt working out. She may love him, but Tyler knows all about what's up with Caroline (vampire and all.) I'm going to cheer for Tyler&Caroline still.

KRMA having Valentines Day special's - Black Jade Jacket only $399 for 3 days only, get in quick. I've never seen it this low!

Shoot I can't get it, apparently my credit card bill didn't transact the payment over the weekend. I hope I can get it before they sell out and go back up in price.

Email KRMA, they are always willing to help if your having trouble ordering it. Hope u get it! It's the best jacket I own.

Thanks I'm going to try tomorrow afternoon. See if I can order it. If I can't I might just break my rule and use my other credit card. I only allow myself to use my credit card that is linked to my paypal account, that way I can sort of control my spending. But I cannot pass up the chance to get the jacket. Thank you, I'm so hoping to own it, it has been my dream item for a while now.

I was able to get the jacket today! So excited!!! I found a M on ebay for 299USD but I know that would be pretty big. Anyone who is interested in it just type in "KRMA" the seller is super nice. I feel bad not buying her jacket but I'd rather get the smaller size and if need be exchange it for the larger size then buying a to big one.

THANK YOU Mrs.B! I've wanted that jacket for ages, but wanted it at a good price.

Not a problem. I'm glad you got it for a good price :)

Anyone knows what shoes Tyler was wearing in this episode? I mean the black leather ones. I must have them :-)

Here are 2 ss to help you out:



Hey girlies! I found a nice alternative to the Aritzia leather jacket and there were only two others left so I picked them up for you girls. They're all size M (jacket 1):
It's $40+shipping, please message me if you want one. If no one wants them I'll just return them to the store next weekend.

I thought jacket 2 was VD-esque as well so I grabbed that one too, same price same size.

To clarify, I have two of Jacket 1 and one of Jacket 2.
Which I now realize totally sounds confusing.

OMG I have to have those Sam Edelman "Pierce" Over the Knee Boots! They are super hot!

Does anyone know what shade she wears in the ep?

Something that has whiskey in the color. If you don't 5 to 6 1/2 foot size, you probably won't find it in your size. I found it in black for $108 it has a lot of different sizes. The link is on the Elena page if you want it.

I love the whiskey colored ones, I'm so bummed my foot won't fit into the sizes that are available in the whiskey color.

Those boots are cute!! But I'm so short they'll be thigh high instead of knee high.

looking at all those great shoes and boots is making me *pout* ): ... anyone wanna take some sizes off my feet?! ;D
(I'm usually wearing a EUR 45, 44 if I'm really lucky, sometimes even 46 if the shoes run small, ugh)

Sam Edelman "Pierce" Over the Knee Boots are also available at they have tons of sizes

I question the boots, the color is it Olive or Whiskey? Because both look so close to Elena's.

@Mrs.BellaCullen for sure Whiskey because the olive is green-ish and the whiskey is brown.

Yeah I double checked it because I found a pair of Olive ones in my size for a steal price on ebay just now. But I'd rather buy the Whiskey ones and I'm pretty sure I'll buy them from FreePeople's website just incase they look wonky on me since I'm pretty short.

So I am currently obsessed with the song "Family Tree" by Matthew West. Its the song at the end of the last episode "Crying Wolf" its a really nice song, here's the video. My Ipod is only influenced by VD's anymore. I love some of the songs from the show, whoever chooses the music has great taste!

I agree, they have amazing taste in music. I've been replaying the Head Over Heels cover from the Masquerade episode for weeks now lol.

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