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The Vampire Diaries is an American supernatural-fantasy horror television series developed by Kevin Williamson, based on the book series of the same name by L. J. Smith. The series follows the life of Elena Gilbert who falls in love with vampire brothers Stefan and Damon Salvatore. The series also focuses... Read More



Bonnie's free people tank in size 2 and pink

Hey guys I uploaded a new pic I think I have found Kat's pants from The Return but wanted to see what you guys think first. Kat's do have a white stitch on her bum but wardrobe could have done that like they have modified some of her other clothes. What do you think? The pants have those lines around the hips like hers do??

Its so hard to tell. They could be by Current/Elliott they have black skinny jeans and their "lable" is written in white on that side of the jeans.

I need some help finding out the name of a song from a VD promo.. Can anyone help me? :) The newest promo on tv: Stefan, Katherine,(I'm assuming) and Damon are laying on a bed. The song isn't Cosmic Love. Anybody know? It's a slow and short piece I think I remember.
After going through like a hundred videos here's a video of it :)

They only have The IKEA alvine kvist duvet and pillowcase In Blue at Ikea. Does anyone know where to get it Red? :)

I heard they don't make it in red anymore

Oh Ok :( Thanks :) xxx

They have a fantastic almost exact alternative sheet set at JCPenny!!! Check online hun!

JCPENNEY is the correct spot for me, not the Ikea.

I concur with Delena.

Does anybody know where you can but the Guess Jacket With Knit Sleeves?

Would you have a stock photo of the jacket that you could share with us?

Who's ready for next week?!?!!?! :)

I am! It's too long!I can't wait anymore !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I wish it was next week already I'm dying for more Damon!

I'm sooo dying to see it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

yay! I am!!

7 days to go!!! heck yes!!!

Alt. to Nina's boots she was wearing while she was Kathrine (it was on set, not in the show)

Just got a samsung galaxy s!!

I have no idea how it works though...


Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !!!!!!

I can't wait!

I will be in class when it's on, but it will be saved for me when I get home. : ) So excited!!!!!!

I know I'm rushing to finish my school work so I can have Thursday night free to watch it. I'm crossing my fingers its an excellent episode :)

Thurdays with a new TVD should all be declared national holidays! I'm sure tomorrow will be epic!

I can't wait!!!

I completely agree with that idea, Jazzbunny!

I second that notion jazzbunny :D

SELLING! Michael Stars alternative to Elena's top, size S. $20 + $6 shipping in the US

I am still learning how to naviage this site and just became a fan of vd! Any idea who make "Kathrine's" booties?

Do you know there will be a new hiatus of 27th February until 07th April ???????????
Did I mention as I hate the CW ?

Noooooooooooooooo!! Why so long?? It totally sucks!!

They haven't seen the light yet.

Most of the cable network channels have a hiatus during that time for the Oscars and Basketball season.

Nooooo! Seriously I'm buying season one on DVD already and just watching that while the CW gets their stuff together.

Just finished watching tonight's ep! OMG! Epic!

OMG, yes! The scene with Rose and Damon at the end was so sad! I wanted to cry.

It was a good episode I won't spoil it by saying anything but WOW and that I have a code for 10% off UO online its "TAKE10" if anyone is interested. ps- also found the C&C Thermal at a lower price but sadly just in black. No gray yet, I'm set on finding the gray I have too many black clothing items in my closet.


I loved tonight's episode!! Damon was so the best part!

VS Cami's I can check to see if they have any and get anyone who is interested one. They'll be the clearance price, plus tax and then a few bucks for gas because its a haul up to the good one in town, the other one is in a bad part of town and five finger discount is a common scene there. I'm posting this on the other pages, but message me with your sizes and what colors, and the amount you want. I will do my best but I can't promise anything. I cannot promise you a top unless you message me and even then I'll do my best, because for clearance items its first come first served.

Elena seems to change her style a little bit. Especially her hair. She looks great with a ponytail :)

Elena should wear her hair in a pony tail more often! I remember her hair like that ones, when Bonnie showed her she´s a witch, but beside that it´s always down.

She wore it when they where practicing cheer moves up too.

Oh my god!! Did you guy knows as the next Hillywood parody's show will be The vampire Diaries ???


I know! ^_^ I saw them tweet it :D

Okay I don't have a problem with the girls. But seriously please just stick to Twilight parody's. VD's doesn't need to be done any other way. Just leave the show alone.

Has anyone ever bough the vervain necklace from cosplay sky?
What's the quality like?

I've only bought dresses from cosplay sky so far - those were okayish - a it expensive for the quality and poorly measured. Haven't gotten any jewellery from them yet - but they pretty much have the same pictures as the ebay-seller I got mine from (same price but cheaper shipping), so assuming they've got the same manufacturer it'd be a really good quality (: I'm really happy with the one I got. Not sure though if they're really the same ;D

I bought mine off Etsy from that meiling lady from China... I don't remember her name. I LOVE it! It is really shiny though because it's brand new silver. I'm sure it will wear over time and look more like Elena's.

I bought my vervain necklace off of ebay and I'm extremely happy with the quality, the seller's name is twiworld. The necklace came in a little case and included a packet of real vervain with it. So you can have vervain in your necklace just like Elena.

I have a question about the Guess Savage corset. Accordign to the guss size chart I'd be a size XS, but I have a US32C/EU70D cup would I still fit in a XS?

I have the Janessa top in a size Small and it's wayyyy too small for me. I have a 34D cup, so yeah. I think these shirts run small.

Are you selling? Pics please? :)

I'm selling a Guess Savage corset in size XL, new with tags. I think it's a rare size, I haven't seen any like it on ebay. I'm also selling the Free People Mulberry jacket , new without tags, size 12, that Caroline wore over the Savage corset.

I would take the savage corset! Do you still have it?

I want to post this here in case anyone is interested. I have to run back to the mall I'm planning Thursday in the early afternoon because I don't feel like driving in what's coming my way weather wise tomorrow. But I'm returning some items and one stop is the VS store. When I was there on Friday, they had a few cami's in a size XS only, but there where a few white ones. If anyone is interested message me asap. I won't know what's left until I get there, but there where at least four of them in white. So if you want one let me know. They'll be the 12.99 sticker price, plus the tax I have to pay and shipping. This mall is close by and I need to go so there will be no charge for gas this time. Let me know if you are interested. I am still hunting for the gray and pink ones and so it my Aunt down in the Columbus area.

Does anybody have an Aeropostale Long Sleeve Henley in Navy Blue or Dark Gray or Burgundy in size Small for sale?

I'm selling an Aeropostale long sleeve henley size S in white, worn one time.

What do you think are the dimensions of the Lock and Load painting? I'm thinking about buying the stretched canvas, since that is apparently the one she has.

30X26.5. I got mine and It's perfect as Elena :)

@delena tu l'as acheté où?

@Bella S : J'ai posté le lien sur la page du tableau :)

tu as pris quel modèle?

Le modèle art print avec un cadre en plus.

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