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The Secret Circle is an American television pilot being developed by Kevin Williamson for The CW Television Network, based on the book series of the same name written by L. J. Smith.


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NICK is hot! he reminds me of Nick carter/devon sawa (casper day's) !!!

Can anyone spot Cassie's Jacket in this Picture?


So, I've been searching online and a woman has a blog where she posts Cassie's plaid tunic from the episode they go to Faye's grandfather caban.... it's from a store called Aritzia, from Canada, but they have stores on USA too.... It's not possible to buy online, so I wonder if anyone know a store near home, and is willing to go buy for herself, if could also buy for me the tunic..... the original price is !35, but it's on sale now... I really appreciate and can pay promptly on paypal...

I would be interested also. Hope you find someone, pri! And hope the one would help me too.

By the way: Are you sure the Shirt is the right one? The lenght is different to cassie's....

Pri - Could you send me the link to the website you're talking about? thank you :)


Sorry girls, I forgot the link... Flita I saw Cassie 's colour here, and it really seemed the right one... Cassie uses here with a belt, and I watched the episode again and I think I saw this shoulder thing on her tunic too... the plaid I saw on the site really matched hers, but now I don't know why it's not there anymore.....
If anyone can contact the store, or go there, please, let me know....

Its the "Juniper Mix" Colour, cassie wears, right?


YES!!!!! That's the one !!! Have you seen the photos from the Spot? The pocket, shoulder and sleeves details really matches hers!!! Have you contacted the store?

Yes, I've seen the pocket, shoulder and sleeves for a long time! But the length has irritated me. But it is the same!
I have contacted the store with some question about the shipping. Waiting for a answer now ;)


So... No news???

No, they have not responded. Maybe they write me back yet.

The only thing I know:
You have to call them directly to place your order.
Would you do this?


It would be hard since I dont live in USA.... Have you ordered one for you??? If yes for how much tunic plus shipping???

Does anyone know where they got this amulet?
Third photo from the top. Thanks!


WEll, I saw and thought it could be, but now I think they are from different maretial, Victorias Secret is fleece, and Cassies seems to be a thinner material, but it's a very nice alt.... and

Please, please find the brand of a red dress cassie

I sell my Free People Black Corset Dress aso Faye Chamberlain, if someone is interested ;):

Do you ship to the US?

Yes, i would make. But the shipping would cost about 12- 14 $. When you still are interested, i will write you tomorrow the amount. Let me know :)

Yes, I'm still intrested! :)

So, i write you tomorrow a message!

Hey, does anyone know the brand of the red dress Cassie wears in the episode "Balcoin"?

This is a good Alt by Rachel Zoe:


I don't understand what you mean? The Dress is sold out on

Shame :( thanks for posting Flita. Are there any other alts to Cassie's?

Maybe you can find a similar on ebay. Or you sew your own! Perhaps, i make that :)


Does anyone know where I can find the necklace Cassie's wearing in the last episodes od the Secret Circle?

Thank you so much in advance!


Her jewelry is awesome but I read somewhere it's made specially for the show!!! :(

Anyone know where I can find screen caps of Fya;s outfit from last week?



** :)


Does anyone know where I can buy Diana's necklace from ep6 (wake) its silver with a pendant. Seen when she and Adam are getting out of his truck walking towards jake and cassie.

This is very sad that there will not be a season 2. I really enjoyed this show

Yeah, I saw that too :( I wish it wasn't cancelled

I heard that #savethesecretcircle is already trending on twitter! :D If we can get people talking about it, we might be able to save it! So girls, tweet/retweet, share on facebook, sign petitions - if you want to help save the show!

Here the link for the petition on twitter 7000 already

aww! That bums me out! I've been watching it on Netflix and love it! Does anyone know where to find that awesome light in Diana's room? It looks like a big white ball in the corner with feather-like edges. Would love to get one but can't find it!


Does anybody know where I can find Cassie's butterfly necklace?
It is seen in the episode Masked, Jake steals it from Cassie's jewelry and in the episode where Diana and Cassie find the photo of the young Amelia and Heather Barnes...
Please,I've been looking for it for about a year now...
Can you help me?

I miss The Secret Circle.

Hi girls, sorry for the off topic :)
I totally love this dress worn by Dawn in the secret circle
you could help me to find it? :) thanks for all, a lot of kisses girls :)

[miss the secret circle :(]


Selling Faye's Free People black corset voile dress, size 4, on ebay under the name itemsfromthepast.

Yay Faye's necklace

Im selling Diana's green plaid skirt! Its a new spot and its $10, size small, message me!

I miss this show

Does anyone have a pink Material Girl Hoodie?

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