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Skins is a BAFTA-winning comedic teen drama that follows a group of teenagers from Bristol, England, as they grow up. Now in its third series, the show was created by father and son television writers Bryan Elsley and Jamie Brittain for Company Pictures, and premièred on E4 on 25 January... Read More



love it c:

love love looove skins:)

Anyone exited for the new cast? I know I am, and I think they look pretty good! :D #Can't wait

oh noooo. not dakota blue richards!! she can't act! ooooh god, i seriously hope she won't screw up the whole cast!

@IngloriousBasterd. Totally agree, They should have kept to the fresh faces. Hope she doesn't screw it up!

I miss the original cast. I really want to know what happened to them after season 2. But uh, since that wont happen i wish all of Effy's clothes would be posted :) she was my fave out of the new generation(Haven't watched season 4 yet)

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I miss the Skins I fell in love with, seasons one and two. Its just not the same.

Hello, everybody. I'm new to Coolspotters ;)

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