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how i met your mother

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How I Met Your Mother (or HIMYM) is an American situation comedy that premiered on CBS Broadcasting on September 19, 2005. The show was created by Craig Thomas and Carter Bays. The series is based around the main character, Ted Mosby, telling his son and daughter about the events that... Read More



"for once when i say suit up you suit up!"-Barney
"I did that one time."-Ted
"It was a blazer!"-Barney

Love the Marc by Marc Jacobs sweater vest Robin wears! Managed to win one on ebay. Can't wait till it comes in the mail!

Anyone who knows wich boots these are:
i've tried to find them but i could'nt.
if someone knows wich boot it is please let me know:)

How i met your mother is a comic tv show and i love to watch this. Its a fantastic tv show and i never miss any of its episode... I regularly watch this show online from

Help - I am looking for this bedding set. Does anyone know where to purchase it?

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