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Entourage is an Emmy Award-winning HBO original series created by Doug Ellin that chronicles the rise of Vincent Chase — a young A-list movie star — and his childhood friends (his entourage) from Queens, New York City as they navigate the unfamiliar terrain of Hollywood, California. Doug Ellin, Mark Wahlberg,... Read More


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"Entourage" will also feature a parade of guest stars this season. Among those appearing are Bow Wow, Lukas Haas and Giovanni Ribisi as clients of Eric's; "Gossip Girl" star Leighton Meester as Vince's new love interest; and Fran Drescher and Kevin Pollak as an annoying Beverly Hills couple. Carla Gugino, Martin Landau and Paul Ben-Victor will reprise their roles from the past.

Among the folks appearing as themselves are Jeffrey Tambor ("Arrested Development"), Jamie-Lynn Sigler ("The Sopranos"), Mark Wahlberg (who's also an executive producer of the series), Tony Bennett and golfer Phil Mickelson.

My new favorite show. Can't believe the F430 was crashed in Episode 3 (Season 5)..

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