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In "Covert Affairs" (USA Network) we meet Annie Walker played by Piper Perabo, a young CIA trainee who is thrust into the inner sanctum of the agency when she is unexpectedly promoted to field operative. While it appears that she has been plucked from obscurity for her exceptional linguistic skills,... Read More




Any CA lovers here? I really enjoy Annie's style, is so urban, chic and easy to wear!!!

I completely agree. Actually, I'm looking for her cocktail outfit - dress, heels, and leather jacket - from 2.03 'Bang and Blame'. I've posted a few pics of it in the gallery; have you seen any of the items?

No, I didn't find it. The shoes are Yves Saint Laurent, you can see the brand when her sister is packing her things

Thanks for the steer! I totally didn't notice that when I watched it. I was checking the YSL website, and I found a shoe that looks very similar.


Yeah, there was another similar style called Gisele that had a lower heel, but that didn't look quite right either... as for the dress itself, I've found one that's almost identical, and would make a good alt, but doesn't quite seem to be THE dress:


I found one other option that's a good candidate, though I haven't seen it in purple:


Update in the shoes: I still think it was the Tribtoo she was wearing, but the low-heeled version (wrong color, but it gives you a better idea of shape):


Unfortunately, still no luck on that one-shouldered dress!

Wow, those are amazing finds. The Calvin Klein looks a lot like Annie's dress but hers has wider straps, doesn't it? The worst think about TV show's fashion is that the cothes were bought like 6 months (or more) before we see them, so sometimes is really hard to find the exact item :-(

It was actually the straps that sold me on the idea that this might be the dress she's wearing. I just uploaded some screen captures; if you look closely you can see that the smaller sleeve is about the width of her palm. Ditto the sleeve on the CK dress. Other than color, the only big difference is where the hem hits the model's legs, and that could be explained by alterations to the costume or differences in the wearer's height.

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