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Buffy the Vampire Slayer is an American cult television series that aired from March 10, 1997 until May 20, 2003. It was created by writer-director Joss Whedon under his production tag, Mutant Enemy Productions. The series narrative follows Buffy Anne Summers (played by Sarah Michelle Gellar), the latest in a... Read More


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Just wanted to say that I hope everyone has a wonderful thanksgiving! :D


So, I just noticed that Gellar is wearing the same cardigan in some Season 7 promo pics that she does in a later film, "The Return". Wonder if this is a personal wardrobe item?


Awesome observation. It does look like the same sweater. Very cute.

Was looking at eBay earlier and noticed this auction. The tags look authentic, but I'm curious: can anyone think of an episode in S5 in which we actually see Buffy in these pants? The tag does not include a production code, just a filming number, and of course shooting order and air order usually don't match. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Buffy-The-Vampire-Slayer-Sarah-Mi...

I remember she wore brown leather pants when Rley leaves and Xander confronts her about him. And I think she wore leather pants in the promo pictures.

Savannah - thank you, but I think that might be a different pair. I don't see any side grommets. xjubesx - Thank you for the heads up. I really don't think this qualifies as spam, but will remove the link just in case (provided I can figure out how).

Buffy's Gap coat is currently listed in an auction.

Love Drusilla's top. Would love to own the SA one. I always assumed it was made by the costume department. So pretty!

Yeah - it was surprising to me, too. I suspect a lot of Dru's clothes *were* made by wardrobe, but this makes me think that maybe some were store-bought. I'll have to look more closely for her outfit from "Crush" - always liked that top. Her Gigi Clark bustier is listed on eBay right now in red satin and black lace; the seller says it's from the BTVS wardrobe department and was a spare purchased for Landau. Unfortunately, it's a size 1.

So, if you look really closely at this Season 2 promo pic of Cordelia, you'll notice that her top has a label on the sleeve. Is "Sixty" an older name for "Miss Sixty" or is this some different line?


Good eye! Hmmm probably Miss Sixty, but I could be wrong

I did a little poking around online and I found these pictures of a Miss Sixty top for sale. There *is* a tag on the sleeve in the same font, but on the top I found you'll note it says "Miss Sixty" not "Sixty". Still, I'm pretty much convinced. I think it's just the label design changing over time.


Nicely done! I think it's a really good chance it is Miss Sixty. The brand was popular around that time.

Thank you! Yeah, it seems to have been a very "in" brand at the time. Makes sense, considering it had only been available stateside for a few years at that point.

Saw a pants of red leather pants by parallel that look just like the ones buffy wore in season 3. Hard to tell for sure though.

Yeah - unfortunately some items are so generic that unless they have a visible tag you can't be sure of the brand.

This is so dumb that we can no longer upload images when adding new spots. This will most likely be the last spot I bother posting to this site. It is just too frustrating to deal with the new regulations.

It is pretty nuts. Will you post anything you find to some other site?

Yeah, I'm just really annoyed at the moment. I'm a bit of a perfectionist and it's very frustrating when I can't make my spots/findings look nice with crisp clean images lol. I might post the occasional spots, but for now I really don't feel the desire to do so. I will continue to post my findings and blog about Buffy in my lj as well as the fb community I'm involved with which is called "Inside the Character Closet". If you have a fb page, I can message you the link. I can't post links on here, because they have been banning people for doing so.

I do have a fb page, and I'd love the link. I'll have to keep a weather eye on your lj! I will probably keep posting things here because I'm a completist (and with your permission I'd like to post anything you find as well, if you don't plan to, just so there's one place where it's all compiled) but I agree that it's aesthetically displeasing, and I've sent feedback to that effect. I wonder why they changed things?

lol, it's all cool. Whatever I don't post you can post. :) They probably changed it for the same reason most dumb regulations go into effect. All it takes is one bad apple to post inappropriate or copywritten content to ruin it for the bunch. Messaging you now.

For anyone who's interested, Buffy's Rozae Nichols floral tank is currently listed on eBay in an ice blue/white color.

So, I recently saw a pair of poodle-print D&G pants for sale on eBay. It just hit me that, other than the poodles being bright pink, they kinda look like the slacks Buffy wore in "Innocence" along with the Betsey Johnson cardigan. Similar animal print at odd angles. For once, I'm actually kinda hoping I'm wrong on a potential spot. Poodle print slacks would just be too weird. At least, by my fairly conservative pattern standards. Though in the 90s, I remember pretty much anything went.

... Of course, no offense intended if anyone here happens to *like* the idea of poodle print slacks. If that's your thing, go for it with gusto.

Yikes! it is not my cup of tea lol

Yeah - I've actually been trying to look for close-up screencaps (preferably with good lighting/image res) to prove myself *wrong*. Usually the best are from Pretty As A Picture, but the ones I've seen there aren't quite detailed enough for this particular outfit.

I just found a news article from 1997 that includes a short interview with Cynthia Bergstrom. She lists some previously-unspotted brands that I'll definitely have to look out for. The article was called "Clothes Circuit" and was written by Rose-Marie Turk, in case anyone wants to look it up.

Very awesome! I just read it. Very nice find!

Ok, it's official. I have some kind of hex going whereby I only find S2 items that I'm not looking for. (Though Dru's bustier *is* pretty cool... just not something I would wear normally.)

lol Hopefully you'll come across your wish list items.

Thank you. I'm certainly gonna keep an eye out for them. My optimistic view is that, if people are selling *some* things from that decade, the ones I'm looking for will surely follow. Right now my focus is mainly S2 tanks and some of the sweaters. (Though I wouldn't say no to that little pink cami from "The Freshman" or Buffy's mini-dress from "Reptile Boy".) They've withstood the fashion test of time.

So, one of the *many* things on my S2 wishlist is the set of pajamas that Buffy wore in "School Hard". (No, I am not kidding. Don't judge me.) They've got a blue sky/white cloud background, and are printed with roses, windows(?), and gardening tools. Since it's hard to describe a print like that in eBay-ese, I'm searching as much by brand as by other key phrases. I think the two most likely brands are Nick&Nora and PJ Salvage, though I'm marking Victoria's Secret, Karen Neuburger, and Munki Munki as other possibilities. I've ruled out Bedhead and The Cat's Pajamas, since neither company existed until *after* 1997, the year "School Hard" aired. Do any of you observant and trend-conscious Buffy fans know of any other PJ brands that were 'in' at the time? Or have any observations that will help me include/exclude a brand? Thanks for any help you can give!


Those are very cute pjs

Aren't they, though? Normally I don't do cutesy prints like that (I have enough trouble looking my age since people tend to think short = young) but those are too adorable to *not* try and spot.

In case anyone's interested, Dawn's Marc Jacobs fairy-print blouse is available on eBay. I've seen a size 4 and a size 8 listed.

Managed to find some old photos of me dressed as Buffy in Prophesy Girl for a Halloween party during the 90's. XD

Look what I found in my closet. I can't believe I still had this lol. And it still works great! :D


Cool! Yeah, it's funny what you find tucked away in closets/boxes/etc. We tend to hang on to some really unusual things.

lol yup!

For anyone interested, I recently wrote an article on tips for avoiding designer fakes online. There's a lot more fakes out there than ya think.


What do you consider to be Buffy's worst fashion moment? Here is my choice lol.


Woah. I was gonna say, "animal-print anything" (it's the one major part of her S2 wardrobe I'd happily sell down the river), but I think this getup wins. What on Earth were Gellar and Bergstrom thinking?

lol IKR? It hurts my eyes!

Agreed. And I mean, some of that effect with wardrobe items on the show is 'personal taste' (like my abiding dislike of animal print) and some is 'changing fashion trends' (like plaid drifting in and out of style), but in this particular case the individual pieces aren't to my taste *and* the whole is poorly coordinated. IIRC, there was a knit cardigan-duster type thing that she wore with this ensemble in a later scene, and it clashed with everything, too. How odd.

New video! A bedroom / vanity table / closet tour! Watch to see a glimpse at my True Blood & Buffy the Vampire Slayer clothing collection! :D Hope you like it! Please thumbs up / comment or subscribe, if you do like it :D <3



For anyone who's interested, Buffy's Marc Jacobs sheer pintucked blouse is listed on eBay in a size 10. If you're having trouble finding it, PM me and I'll send you the link.

Thanks for the heads up!

Not a problem! I know those older items are hard to come by, and when I emailed the seller checking sizing she was so nice that I wanted to try and steer a buyer her way. Win-win. Now if it would only come up in my size!

I've just made some progress in an ongoing hunt! A while ago, Buffy's red leather pants from "Graduation" came up for sale on ScreenUsed. Sadly the listing had no information about brand, but it did include some very high quality photos that will make great reference pics:



I know, right? I was so happy to find that sale - shame there was no brand info but at least between the v-waist, the rear zip closure, and the ankle slits there's enough visually distinct material there to know 'em when we see 'em.

ScreenUsed also has a listing for Willow's vampire outfit from "The Wish" and "Doppelgangland". The top was apparently made by the show's wardrobe department, but her pants are by Diesel.

Very cool! I figured it was custom made, but wasn't sure, because I saw the same outfit in an ep of Bones, once.

Yeah, I think Fox Studios hung on to most of them after production - there were definitely multiple tops made for Hannigan and her stunt doubles - and just recycled them once or twice. (Actually I rather suspect that might have been the Bones wardrobe coordinator goosing David Boreanaz.)

So, I'm sort of curious: has anyone else noticed that, during one of Buffy's prophetic nightmares in "Surprise", she and Drusilla are wearing the same nightgown? And that it's the one Dru wears earlier in "What's My Line"?


Yup :) It's supposed to be symbolic or something since it's in her dream

Exactly! Personally I always interpreted it as foreshadowing the fact that, once he loses his soul, Angel(us) decides to give Buffy the full Drusilla treatment - you know, destroy her like he destroyed Dru. And then watching Dru freak out over roses, and seeing Angelus sending them to Buffy, kinda cemented the idea in my brain. Your mileage may vary.

Anya's Betsey Johnson star-patterned tank is currently listed on eBay in a size small.

For anyone looking, Cordelia's gold Vivienne Tam top is currently listed on eBay.

A hard-to-find item! Buffy's Nanette Lepore lace embellished top is currently listed on eBay. Black/black, size 10.

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