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The jgthi two tone bomber jacket is still available for sale in online shop honey.. Can't think what link is but if you google it you'll find shop that sells it :) :)

hey, the black flag tee would fit between US 4-10 depending on how loose you wanted it.. hope this helps x

Hey love, yes I do collect Rob :) please could you tell me the item number or do you have link for tee :) and thanks xoxo

Thanks :) :)

Yeah I noticed the difference :) hoping to luck in and find his same print.. But thank you for thinking of me its much appreciated hun xoxo

Not too sure how much they are worth, i'll just check & get bk to you. X

Are you in the uK or US? X

Hey! The Iwona Ludyga bracelet is 18cm or 7inch long including the clasp! =) Let me know if you are interested!

Hey i'm interested in the 7fam. How much you looking for? & how worn are they? X

Hey how much for your 7jeans? X

The SnapBack is $150 plus shipping

Thank you,


Still selling the shorts?

what size is American vintage leather jacket, and how much are you looking for it?

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