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Spots are associations between two Profiles. Made by YOU.

Coolspotters is all about the Spots

Spots are the heart of Coolspotters.

A Spot is an association between two Profiles. See a photo of Jessica Simpson wearing her William Rast Stella Sure Fit Jeans? Spot it! Read an interview where David Beckham talks about his new Porsche 911 Turbo Cabriolet? Spot it!

When browsing Profiles on Coolspotters, you can always create a new Spot. Just click on “Add New Spot” and we’ll take you through a quick and easy process to create a new association for other users to discover. Whether you’re spotting a celebrity with a product they use, or a car in a movie, or a celebrity with another celebrity, you’re going to love how easy it is to create a new Spot!


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Coolspotters is full of celebrity profiles, product profiles, movie profiles, and so much more. These Profiles are where you can learn about the associations between your favorite celebrities, entertainment, products, events, and places. It’s also the place to connect with other passionate fans, leave ratings, view related videos, photos, and links, and even help edit the Profiles to keep them up-to-date and accurate. Are you a true Miley Cyrus fan? This is your chance to add content and be forever credited on her Profile!

Coolspotters is the “People’s Publishing System”. No confusing steps to learn in order to add or edit content on the site. Our tools are so easy to use that anyone can edit content.


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Coolspotters has an incredible amount of content for you to discover, and the Coolspotters community adds to it every day.

Anyone can browse all of the content on Coolspotters. Registered users are allowed to add Spots, create and edit Profiles, leave comments, rate things, and ask questions. So, if you really know your stuff when it comes to celebrities or products or movies or music, this is your chance to shine. It takes about 20 seconds to become a member, so get in there and show off a little!


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Coolspotters isn’t just a place to discover what celebrities use and like. As a member, you get your own User Page which can be personalized to display photos as well as product, celebrity, and entertainment favorites, customized lists, and more. Your User Page's news feed is the place where you receive automatic updates on the latest content added by other members - all of it related to the people, places, and things that you really care about.

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