Smooch - A Children's Boutique

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Decorated with sparkly crystal chandeliers and leopard print carpets, this place is full of pint-size pizzazz. There are teeny True Religion jeans, terry-cloth hoodies and waffle tees by Splendid, and divine baby bikinis by Dina e Lucia that any little princess would love to have in her closet. Little boys... Read More


  • Smooch - A Children's Boutique Photo
  • Smooch - A Children's Boutique Photo
  • Smooch - A Children's Boutique Photo


I love your store!!!

awesome store. Incredible kids' stuff you can't find anywhere else. I've shopped there about 10 times.

Dash is right next door. I met Kourtney when I was there a few weeks ago. soooo cool.

hey!!!!!i luv ur store it rocks !!!!!!!

Hey there... Can you guys tell what the location is for Smooch, please. Thanx.

Hey! Just letting you know I love the show! Yall are so funny! I was also wandering if yall were needing a baby girl to be a model for smooch?!? My 1 year old baby (Haiden) would be ideal for smooh! Thanks! Savannah

I was wondering if there is something wrong with your smooch website cause i cannot get in it

I love the Kardashians.....khloe ur my fav, i just wish ya'll had plus size clothing.

Here is a great website for the best and cutest blinged out converse shoes!!

all i hav 2 say is dat i do find smooch 2 be a great store but i cant seem 2 view any of the baby items as far as clothes 4 my baby boy,but ne ways so far so gd gurrlzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.......ima b n soon 2 get sum sock booties 4 my son u know the 1 wit the monkeys on them their so cute,dat was his nickname that i gave him @ birth cuz he was soooooooo hairy but not no more well gurl i wish ya'll great sucess lve ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!hhhaaaaaaa...

Smooch should start carrying "Momi boutique" & "Pink Momi" in their shop!,,

I would absolutely love to view the merchandise at Smooch! The problem is the website is virtually useless. I spent 20 min. trying to view...only to get the main page over,and over again. Anyone else?

This is a great website with lots of fun stuff for the little ones!

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