Wilson (K)Blade Tour 93

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The Wilson K Blade Tour 93 Tennis Racquet is the ultimate in precision within the K Blade family. This brand new racquet is designed for the aggressive all court player looking for something flexible with a smaller head size, tight string bed and incredible feel for precise shots from the... Read More


  • Wilson (K)Blade Tour 93 Photo
  • Wilson (K)Blade Tour 93 Photo
  • Wilson (K)Blade Tour 93 Photo


bought one about a month ago. Amazing racquet for the price. Really really balanced and lightweight.

Melanie Oudin is probably the first pro to actually use the Wilson Kblade 93 vs. a racquet painted to look like it (a la Djokovic). I finally got around to demoing this racquet last week. I had been using the smaller and heavier, K90 tour that Federer plays with, but that was just too heavy over time and gave me wrist problems. The Kblade felt perfect. It still is heavier than most racquets out there (12 oz strung), it's got a tight string pattern and relatively narrow beam for amazing control. I ordered one right away as I felt the racquet was made for me. With the added control and maneuverability, I gained confidence and was hitting shots I normally wouldn't have a chance at getting. Awesome racquet! Go Melanie!

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