Vans Special Edition Multi-Colored Era

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Vans ERA lace-up lows are everything that you know and love about Vans. A classic design, and extra comfortable fit are key in a shoe like this, one that you can wear all day, any place, school, or play. Cool colors, and waffle soles pay homage to skater fashions that... Read More



i want these shoes but i think i seen them somewhere IDK !!!!

Does anyone know were I can buy these shoes??!!

Kristen bought them in Japan she was there for the Twilight Promotion and they aren't available in the US or in others countries unfortunalty ... :(

My brother's asking to a Japan friend if she can check there for me ^^

I saw these in the vans store they were like €70.-

The exacts ones ? Where did you see them , what is the coutry ?

I saw them in the Vans store in the netherlands

Do you think you can buy me a pair ? :)

What size are you?

OMG can you get me a pair too?? I'm a mens 4 womens 5.5... I will love you forever lol

Oh wait, which ones did you see?? I want Kristen's ones not the ones in the profile pic lol

I'm not sure if they're Kristen's colours I think so. I'm working tomorrow I'll see if they still have them. For some reason they sell really good.

I would need a size 8US !! :DDD
Are you sure they're Kristen's ones ?? OMG !!

Haha if they are Kristen's one then I'm super excited!!!! Can't wipe the smile off my face... now to hope they have my size :)

I looked but they only had a size EU 35 left. I asked them if they get any more but they doubt it, the shoes they got were 'left overs' from other stores and countries.

Were they k stew's colours? If so I think I could get away with a 35... I'm usually a 36 but if I wore no socks lol... *hopeful thinking*

Oh it's too bad ... Thanks for trying anyway ! :(

They were Kristens colors only the yellow looked a little darker, but it is definatly yellow.

Can you get them for me :) Do you have paypal?? and they were a 35 yeah?

I just checked the size chart on the vans website and the 35 is actually my size :D.. I will love you forever if you could get them for me :)

I'll going to work tomorrow so I'll check for you. I have a paypal account. Do you have a price range?, the shoes cost a little more than I first posted here.

Ahh I totally don't care about price that's how much I love these shoes!!! :) I'm going to trust that you don't over charge me though :)

I would never do that, I hate people that do that. I checked but they aren't selling the last pair, they're keeping them on display for now. When they sell them someone is first and I'm second in line. I'll let you know.

Wow that's ridiculous... what's the point in that when they aren't planning on getting anymore lol. Anyways fingers crossed, otherwise I'm back to my original plan of painting them lol

Apperantly they're eyecatchers. People ask for them and when they say they don't have them anymore most of the time they buy something else.

Ah I see, that's dodgy as!!!

Any news??

No, but I can you they haven't been sold yet. I walked pass the store and they were still on display.

Do they still have them ? =)

no they got sold to the person listed before me.

if anyone see's these in a uk 4, 4.5, 5 or 5.5 let me know :)

or a UK 3 (size 35) for me!!

Has anyone seen these while out shopping or internet browsing???

Want these shoes so bad.

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