UGG Women's Adirondack Boot II

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Authentic Australian UGG construction and styling offers a premium alternative to the traditional winter boot. With genuine sheepskin uppers, Gore-Tex® for waterproofing and enhanced breathability, and sealed seams for added protection, this boot rises above the rest.


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These are like 50 dollars cheaper on the ugg website!

they aren't on the website. they only have them in tall on there.

am i missing them on the website? i don't see them?

They are no longer on the UGG Website but if u type in the name in google u might beable to find a pair if urs a size 5 6 or 7 and have $200 (I know pricy) then go to they have them

Hey, does anyone know how these fit? True to size or a little small?

I'm usually a size 7 and I had to get a size 6 'cause they are kind of roomy and you also have to take into account that the fur is gonna pack down.

I would say they fit true to size. I have owned them for over a year and they have not stretched out at all, I think the regular uggs may. I wear a size 7 in sneakers and shoes and a size 7 in these as well. hope this helps!!

I found some boots at JCPenney that are similar in style. They aren't the Ugg boots, but they look very close (there are some color differences and stuff). So if you are looking for a similar boot (but cheaper), you may want to check them out. They are selling for $59.99

I got these EXACT boot from they only have then in Sizes 5 6 and 7 now but they used to have all sizes they are $200 but they are comfy a little ugly in person but cute when you wear them with the right outfit

Actually I think they look better in person than they do in the movie. I thought they were ugly when I saw Bella wearing them at first 'cause she wears them kind of sloppily, but then when I saw them in person and put them on with the laces done up and stuff, they looked so adorable! Plus they are warm and totally practical.

Anyone know the name of the colour the boots bella wears in twilight are? on theres only otter left is that the right one? x

She wears the otter color. I have them and love them :)

thanks!! i love the look of them and i do alot of walking so thought they'd be perfect!! just want the right colour..x

i have a pair of these....they were my moms but she gave them to me...

Do anybody know if you can get these boots anymore?

This site will be selling them on Sept 1st...:(

can someone who owns these post a picture of them on? thanks =)

thanks so much! they're so cute! now i gotta save up for a pair. lol. =)


- UGG Adirondack boots II in Otter, size 10 US, new, purchased from an authorised retailer.

Anyone interested, message me, thanks!

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