Topshop AEROBIC Wedge Heel Trainers

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AEROBIC wedge heel trainers. heel approx 4" 100% Leather. Do not wash.



I have just bought these shoes - Topshop - and I feel they fit true to size maybe alittle on the small size. They are very nice shoes the 'over glued' look isn't that bad on mine and after some wear you wont be able to tell at all. I feel that the heel is about 3" and easy to walk in, I CAN NOT walk in heels and I can in these :D

thanks for writing that! i was thinking if i should buy them or not, but i think i will very soon:)
but i have a question, the sole, how does it feel? and what kind of paint do you think would be the best, if would dye the sole like Lily's (Black sole)?

It feels like any other shoe sole like rubber. Tire pain, I googled it and thats what it said.

alright thanks:)

Do you wear them when it's raining? I know it says not to and I don't want to ruin them but like when it's raining only slightly... ? I live in a wet area, and I don't want to wear them only during summer.

It says to not wear them in the rain? I have and there fine, I live in the UK so rain will always be near for me :)

It doesn't say that but it does say not to wash them so I figured if it was raining, wearing them might not be a good idea. (but it's also because my mom has this idea that if the weather is bad, you must wear (only) shoes that can get wet (like the Adidas Hi Sleek for e.g). (I know, it's a little ridiculous ...).

Oh, I saw the 'do not wash' bit, but I think that it's because it's leather and suede. Rain isn't the same as being in a washer :) Just stay out of big puddles I guess :)

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