Pacific Express Vintage Orange Tennis Shoes

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Pacific Express Vintage Orange Tennis Shoes




where is it?

i really want to know where to get these shoes!!! please ")

They don't have any more on their website. may be sold out and they may or may not get anymore. 2. These are men's shoes. 3. They are hella expensive. 4. They are vintage, I think from the 1970's so she most likely bought them from ebay.

They are from the 80s, are womens shoes, and are vintage. I bought them (the ones used in the display pic) from a seller on ebay like 6 moths ago. I got them for $10.

I Really want this shoes.. does anyone know where to get them?

where can I get them?!?!? I love them theres no more on ebay.!!! help

I am about to put a pair on ebay

they're cute.!! but I don't like the orange color on them :S ehehe sorry and thanks so much :)

i have a pair and I am about to list them on ebay 11/13/10

dated 11/13/10

Did you list them yet? I really want them!

I'd really like them too, if anyone sells it!!!

Gosh, these are sooo vintage, I had all colors when I was in jr. high, they would make fun of me and call me Rainbow Brite...who would of thought these shoes would have become popular. I used to purchase these at Mervyn's when it was open here in SA, TX, and they were going for 2 for $15, I used to hate them because they weren't KEDS. I used to love my teal and black...they were great, I also had mustard yellow and black. Good luck to you guys, I hope you find them.

im putting an orange pair in size six on ebay soon :)
i havnt been able to wear them as theyre too small for me

There's a pair on ebay right now, size 6, Buy it now price of 14.99

do you have the link?

I want these so freaking bad D;

Seriously I have been wanting these for the longest time. I'm willing to pay a lot for these in her color. One of the only things I really really want.

does anyone know where to get them? i want this shoes

does anyone know where to get them? i really want them!

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