Nike Women's Dunk High 6.0 Premium Metallic Rainbow

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These Nike 6.0 Women's Dunk High 6.0 Metallic Rainbow Sneakers are adapted from the classic basketball shoes of the 80s, the Nike Women's Dunk High 6.0 Shoe has gone from to taking laps around the skate park. This retro shoe rocks a leather upper that conforms to the shape of... Read More



I want those shoes !!!!

I NEED those shoes !!!

i spot a bit cheaper price on is fake. The shoes are horrible knock offs, do not fall for it. Even ebay has more legit shoes if you know how to spot them. Just compare the swoosh on the version to the real one, and the stitching and shades of colors. I fell for it once, and never again. Their return policy is also a nightmare. You have to contact them within 7 days through email and then they provide you with all the stuff you need, and you pay shipping even though the products are counterfeit! Okay, rant over.

I love my pair, they are gorgous and comfy!!

I have these ones and I love them, one friend got them for me, the problem is that my feet are bigger now so they are smaller to me, anyways I keep wearing them till I won´t be able to haha

where can i find a pair size 37 (EU)

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