Circa Drifter Sneakers

(Created by Jane Doe)


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Premium materials and Select branding. Reinforced upper layering materials. Unique collar shape for added heel support. Genuine vulcanized construction. Soft, breathable pigskin insole. Additional latex cushion at heel and arch provides added support. Elastic tongue straps for added stability. Soft, breathable fabric lining. Waffle tread outsole.




The shoes that Rob has been wearing lately do not look like these. His has a white something on the tongue that I can't make out and also around the edge of the sole looks different.

I saw a closer pic of them and I can see now they are Circa but can find a pair like them anywhere

Hello everyone. I found the actual shoes he wore at I changed the picture so it's finally correct. They are a little dirty, but I hope it's ok. :)

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