Charles David Regiment Lace Up Boots

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Charles David Regiment Lace Up Boots.



Love these boots! Amazeballs!!! Can't wait to get mine :)

Where did you get them from? I've been looking around and can't find any in my size (size 9).

A friend found them for me at Last Call!

Do you know if they had anymore or was it the last pair? Do you think if they had more you could message me the phone number to that one? I was thinking of calling around, but it'd be so much easier if I could try one that I knew might have it in stock! Thanks!

Messaged you!

Just got these in the mail from Last Call! They're so gorgeous, thanks so much for messaging me the info on them!

I don't see these on the Last Call site anymore! Anyone know where I can get a 10??

They're not on the Last Call site, and weren't when they were spotted either. You need to call around to the Last Call stores and try to find a pair in a store. They'll ship them to you if you ask them to. I called one store and she was able to do a search and find which store still had them in stock in my size. Don't bother with online support, they told me they no longer had the boots in store, but when I called the store right after that she told me otherwise and located them for me.

Does anyone know where you can get another pair of these boots? I really want a pair =) I'm a size 5 or 5,5.. which is a 37 european size :D

Does anyone know where I can get a pair of these or is selling a pair in size 7.5 or 8 I live in canada so there are no last call stores!

Message me if you are selling a size 9.

Anyone selling them in size 8.5 or 9? Don't have to be SA.

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