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The adidas Samba is an indoor soccer training shoe. It has been among adidas' popular, bestselling shoes in recent times. It is now produced in a variety of colour schemes, yet the classic three white stripes on black leather is considered the favorite among fans of the shoe. Also, it... Read More


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best shoe ever... :)

Awwwww, they have matching shoes&wore them the same day! How cute are they?! I love them!

This shoes are awesome! =D

best indoor soccer shoe ive ever had!

Today I went to the store, to buy these. But they said they excist only for men !!! From size 40 to...
So how did you all get them? I think Kristen also has 40..

I got em !!!!!! :D

And today I wore em, and I heard a guy saying to his friend that they didn't match me. I guess thats how you translate it..
And I didn't even hear them saying that, my sister told me it.

Guess they were just jealous... :p

Congrats, i really want them too but like you said they only exist in mens sizes and i have really small feet, how did you get them? :)

Well, I couldn't find them in Belgium.
But when I went on vacation to Italy, I found a little sneaker-store were they sold them in womens size!
I was just lucky because it were the last ones in my size and they were discounted x')

I got them in size 40 for men. That fitted me, I still don't know if they excist for women..

sexy shoes, love em on kristen

Do Bella's have the blue tag or the black tag? Where can i find a pair with the black tag?

the ones that Bella wears are Kristen's own sneakers. we don't know if they are really in the movie or not. Kristen has the mens version that has the white tag with the white box lining.

I am selling mine. pm me if you are interested. US size 9

This shoes are merely looking amazing .I usually buy products of brands like Adidas and Nike as these two are my favorite ones .Recently I got a new Nike air max thea from Hypedc store .Navigate here for more collection.

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