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Hi! I Love your favs thus far..:)

Hey Shelly I answered your question about the royal bank of gilded hills over on my comment wall.

The royal bank does not have those annoying ALERTs that flood your in box with Email sales .. NoNo. Its way hauter than that! And they never say SALE. Eww! But they do have some great stuff that gets deposited to the bank. I think you'll like it! Its only on the Mobile though. So i hope you have a cool smart phone :) . Like the Iphone or the prada phone. Something like that works perfect. BTW we (me and my sister chlo) heard of coolspotters through the bank. The Royal Bank also has a call in hauteline. And we called the hauteline one day and it said to check out this new site called and the rest is herstory! :) .

I'll send you an invite to your mail box when they release more invites Shelly. I knew you'd love it after i gave some info on it! Taysha Valez is a girl wizard for co-founding the Royal Bank. Its way cool!

yea i love the look of the chanels, ive just started saving up for the h1008 hopefully ill be able to buy it by dec., i just bought a jacob & co. jc-1 (as seen in the pic) about 4 months ago but its kinda getting old already, i want something a little more classy now

thanks for becoming my fan re spots rocks :D

Boots look like Timberland... and the shorts look like Abercrombe & Fitch or maybe True Religion. I'll look further into it for you. :)

Thanks to add me like your fan ! =)
So what do you like of Kristen's Stuff ? =)

Thank you!! :)

Thank you for he fan add :3 Love your spots :P xxx

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