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i LOVE your red hair - i had the same colour last yr so i know what its like when you fancy a change - i did and thought i still miss the red - i love my new colour - though the red is a nightmare at keeping coming back through even through all that almost black dye!!

I used brazilia - it was an almost black and it was permement but it was a home dye so maybe not as effective as salon dyes - as you see on k-stew, she cant seem to get rid of the black.

I think i might get it done in the salon next time becasue i love the colour i dye it but it just keeps fading - i dont know if its the dye or jsut my hair.

I think how you plan to dye your hair will look good - i quite like that effect of the colurs mixing like that. it will rock i think.

OK, thank you.
When you'll receive your ring, could you send photos?

Hi (: Is this one ? It really looks similar to the DKNY one! Wow tell me if you don't want it anymore ah ah! ^^ Did you buy it on ebay?

The shirt is definitely true to size. I do have a small chest so it's a little baggy but the rest of it fits true. Hope you like it ! Its very soft:)

It's a size small and I ask 25€ for it (you're in the "euro zone", no?)

I think the shipping rates will be like 5€ whitout tracking or insurance

I don't know I have to dig it out of my closet. And I can't get to my closet right now. I have a bunch of stuff piled in front of it. I'm also not 100% sure if I'd sell it. I have to see how it would look, once I pulled it out of my closet. If it would go with my room or not, still. But I will let you know if I do sell it.

yes I believe so. and yes no matter where you live you will get a shirt ;) i just posted a few updates on the page ;)

Love your new pic! Love the clubmasters ;)

Savannah your so pretty! I wasn't a big fan of the simdog tank when i saw kstew wear it but on you i really love it now haha

Haha that or ray ban for their new clubmaster ads haha where did u buy ur simdog tank from?


when I got the rings I thought one is to put inside of the other one :) haha..
Now I know they are 2.. so happy about that.

Do you know where I can get the Red riding hood ring?

Can you please let me know, if you ever see something? I heard there is a website that sells them.

Happy Birthday!xx

Yes my dear I am! you need help with somthing?


I would need the cash up front before i buy them as I'm in the middle of changing accounts and I need money in both of them to cover the direct debits thats comming out - and I dont know what one it will be coming out of lol!

Yeh I have paypal. Well thats fine. just let me know when you have the cash we can sort it all out. are they on the aldo site?

oh wait - i've found them! douh!

Could I know where did you buy your mj ring? I'd looove to have one...

Hi! Thank you for your reply and the ring is not as expensive as I thought I'd be. That's awesome. Thanx xx

Hey wondering if u have a facebook page i need more friends!!lol just wondering worth a shot lol

ergens vlakbij Eindhoven=) jij?

hahah, zou wel weird zijn als je elkaar tegenkomt met dezelfde FCUK jas en cracked gold vans bijvoorbeeld. je hebt in ieder geval een mooie collectie! veel dezelfde dingen als ik lol.

thanks! ik ben ZO jaloers op jouw Rock and Republic jurk! die is echt awesome. draag je die ooit?=)

hij lijkt mij inderdaad ook niet erg praktisch. hij rammelt zeker wel een beetje. maar ik vind m echt awesome. ik wou dat ik tenminste één coole jurk had.

ja precies, dat dacht ik al. ik ben echt op zoek naar een van Kristen Stewart's jurken want ik heb over een paar maanden gala en het lijkt me echt zo vet om dan zo'n jurk aan te hebben.

I know! en de meesten zijn niet eens meer verkrijgbaar! en jij hebt ook de DKNY jurk! jaloers..

mazzel. mijn ouders of wie dan ook zouden ook nooit zo veel geld uitgeven aan zoiets. ik ben zelf ook niet zo van de jurkjes maar ik vind het wel leuk om aan te doen bij gelegenheden en zo natuurlijk=)

Hey love! pit to pit is 12inches but it is stretchy. let me know if your interested still ;)

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