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Hey Savannah!
I want to see you All Saints jumper as soon you see it lol, kidding, if you have time take a pic for me!

xoxo and Merry Christmas!

Lol!! Thanks! I'm glad you got it too! Do you know what's the colour or it's a suprise too?

Haha OK! Yeah the main thin is you have one! =)

ja, maar ik doe er nu niet zo veel mee maar aangezien ik niet veel te doen heb deze vakantie, ga ik misschien ook wel mijn collectie erop zetten. I don't know.


yay=) kun jij misschien even iets uitleggen over Livejournal? ik snap er namelijk echt niks van. bijv. hoe doe je Friends Only en bijv. hoe moet je je achtergrond veranderen? als het niet te veel moeite is?

oh, dank je! die snap ik, nou snap ik alleen nog de mood themes niet helemaal. als ik een mood invul krijg ik alleen maar smilies. hoe kan ik m'n eigen mood themes uploaden?? thanks a million!

okay, en als je dan al een moodtheme op je pc hebt? ik heb bijv. een hele moodtheme gedownload en hoe gebruik je die dan? sorry voor alle vragen, dit is de laatste, I swear=)

ja, ik heb een hele moodtheme gedownload van iemand en ik kan bij persoonlijke moodthemes alleen URL's invullen. maar ja, is toch te veel werk. bedankt voor de hulp!=)

oops, ik heb per ongeluk je comment verwijderd. sorry. maar het was 20 dollar=\ best veel, maar ik vind het het denk ik wel waard.

aw, dat was een goeie geweest! helemaal niet aan gedacht, ik heb 'm gisteren besteld=\

sorry voor de late reactie, ik ben net terug van wintersport en ik heb het topje al ontvangen.

oh my god - they are such a great fit and look brilliant - those pics do nothing for them. I got the girls ones in a size 7. Got them off ebay and they were here pretty quick I have to say.

I'm sure they are the same as these ones

These may not be your size, but they're all I can find

Hi girl, may I ask you how does the AA slouchy pullover fit? I'm normally between an S-XS. Thanks :)

Ok laying flat 15.5 inch bust 14 inch waist 18inch hips & 23 inch long :)

Happy birthday Hun. Hope you have a great time today :)

Could you message the link for the bd download. I've looked all over with no avail. Thanks!

You caught me just in time lol....i was about to go to sleep real soon. I'll void the other one and print out a new one (shipping label)

Right back at ya, baby ;)

Hi, sorry. I didn't see you posted on my wall until just now. I am asking $55 for the Tammy cardigan including shipping.

Hi! I think you will fit. I'm an xs/a and it fits me great but its big enough to fit an m if that makes any sense bi will give measurements here later but I have a pic of me wearing it on my lj:)

Do you want to give me your email and I will send you a picture?

Sent it!:D

Happy birthday, lovely! Hope all is well with you and that you're feeling much better and more settled in your new place. Chin up! Good things will come your way! You deserve the best. xxx

Hey darling :) I'm a little late, but I hope you were able to have a good birthday despite everything that's been going on. Keep your head up and we're all here if you ever need anybody to talk to! Love you girl <3

Happy belated birthday! Take care and best wishes!:)

It runs on the bigger size of medium

I love your stuff and YES(!) I am jelause! *-*
Wish I had the juicy couture jacket or the nike jacket ect !

Sent you a message!:)

I'm interested in your Hollister floral tank Sz. Med ASO Renee! I cannot send you a PM from my phone though :/. I'll try to send you a PM as soon as I get to my desktop :).

I am in UK can I help at all hun? my email is x

Sorry! I accidentally deleted your comment on my page. It's been a while since I've been on CS. I have in an xs. Things I get for being a wishful thinker...

Would that not work?

Oh okay. Hope you find a small soon!

You selling Alice's forever 21 top?

Okay, please let me be first if she changes her mind!

Hey, I just wanted to let you know my friend has a large darla blazer that she's thinking about selling. I'll tell her you're interested if you want

lol, I can understand that. I'm a little broke too. I just blew most of my money on my top wish list item, a Clover Canyon dress from their pre-fall 2012 collection. :P

What size are your shoes? Are you selling the bella bedding? Hae you got her eclipse sunglasses?

Could you please email me. I want to ask you about so clothes :)

I would like to buy
Make believe tank top XS/S :) send me a message please :)

Do you still have the Billabong Hannah jacket in size small available?
My email is
Thank you :)


How much are you asking for your Curious gypsy thermal XS ?


How much is the H&M sude button jacket? Xx

Hey, interested in siwy shorts, how much? & do you have any photos? If so mail me on

Hello how did you post the picture from Gilmore girls? I spotted something too but I don't know how to post it...


Rosalie Hale:
Miss Sixty (new without tags) size 26
Twilight necklace

Alice Cullen:
twilight chocker
Bd necklace
H&M vest - black - size S
BB dakota vest - blue - S
Anthropologie Sparrow cardigan S

Kristen Stewart:
French Connection Jack dress S
French connection arenas -red- UK 12
Little red riding hood ring size 7
Nike Rainbow dunks 37,5
AllSaint Ian curtis sweater military color size M

Hermione Granger:
Topshop cardigan -purple- UK 10
H&M side button -checked version- S
Esprit shawl sweater -black- xs
H&M beige jacket 36

Bella Swan:
Crest ring
Engagement ring
Converse Jack Purcel -blue size 37-
Banana republic jacket -maroon collar- S

Bonnie Bennet:
Free People watercolor tunic -red- S
Free people spades top -s-,-
H&M short sleeve hoodie -s-

Ashley Greene:
All Saints milla top -black- S

Caroline Forbes:
Banana republic ruffle coat -black- s

Katherine Pierce:
Guess tubular corset -cream- xs/s
Topshop corset -alternate floral pattern- uk10

H&M leather pants 36 20,-
Anthropologie Piacenza -black- S-

Angelina Jolie:
Michael Kors glam sunglasses

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