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Thanks so much. I really appreciate all the "nice" girls on here. I Just wanted a helpful suggestion, not to get attacked. I have an eye exam coming up and I was curious if anyone else wore contacts (I already wear them my eyes are really bad) and they made it sound like I was getting plastic surgery or something like that! :( But thanks so much.

I literally could have said "I'm going to be Kristen Stewart for halloween" and they would have been like "oh my god that is so psychotic and creepy" lol you're 100% right. I was just on the site at the wrong time. When they wanted someone to attack.


Heres the sizing chart-I would say the main difference between small and medium is in the chest area-so depending on your measurements I would maybe go up to medium unless you don't want to layer too much. You don't want it to be too big, because then it looks bulky:
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