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live web
PRLog (Press Release) - Mar 06, 2012 -
Live Web Media, A company out of Calabasas CA., http://www.livewebmedia.com [Los Angeles County] is not only in the process of working on the biggest transformation that ***** has ever seen, They are setting the trend for the future of web sites with how they sites are created as well as how to navigate through them.

Aaron Stein and Alen Kevorkian - the founding geniuses of Live Web Media seem to be expanding on a daily basis. Not just with size but with technology. This is why the World Famous *****, who starred in the Devil Wears Prada and Ugly Betty have chosen this boutique company to create the new face of *****.

"***** is revolutionizing fashion, beauty, lifestyle and marketing by introducing the first digital and DVD magazines in the United States. Whether you are searching for fashion, beauty, celebrity or lifestyle locally or anywhere in the world ***** is soon to be the preferred source for fashion information.

***** is in on stage to establish itself as a reference for fashion magazines and more generally a disruptor for the entire fashion industry. The publishing industry, having failed to adapt to changes in lifestyles and technologies, this is ripe for radical disruption. This type of impact used to take decades and hundreds of millions of dollars to accomplish, but this is no longer the case." Stated, James Buccelli, acting Chairman of ***** Inc.

Live Web Media is also responsible for building the new Runway FashionTV, Runway Report, Runway University, GOTRUNWAY? iRunway Magazine, Runway Social Network, Fashion Week Calendar ***** Facebook , Twitter and ***** Apple and Droid mobile Interactive platforms.

All of this - while making the site completely interactive, user friendly, a social media fashionista's dream. We know they have a secret weapon "PAUL" , heading the ***** Project. The word is out that paul is like a surgeon with precision when it comes to detail and the art of his work.

"We have the Bentley website being produced by Live Web Media" says James Buccelli. Looking forward to seeing the finale.

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