Community Rules

We want Coolspotters to be the best community out there, so we ask that all members follow 3 simple rules when using the site. Everyone should feel open and free to add content, ask questions, share comments, and make new friends, but the following guidelines will ensure that everyone has the best experience possible (and that Coolspotters has the best content):

#1 - We're about pop culture, products, and celebrity. Not gossip.

Please remember when creating new Celebrity Profiles or Spots that they are designed to be for people in the public eye. You have your own User Page to express yourself to the community, but public Celebrity Profiles (the ones that show up when you click on the main tab - “Celebrities” - at the top of the page) are meant for celebrities or public figures, not private users or your friends.

We created Coolspotters because, like a lot of people, we wanted to know more about the products celebrities were using in their real lives. Please keep the comments or photos or other content you create focused on the associations between people, places, entertainment, and products. Coolspotters is not a gossip site, so we ask that you avoid trying to embarrass or disparage any of the celebrities featured here.

#2 - Keep it legal, keep it clean, keep it spam free.

We follow the law here, so anything illegal or obscene (in the opinion of Coolspotters) will be removed by the Coolspotters staff or our community editors. See our Terms of Service for all the details.

Coolspotters has a zero tolerance policy for harassment, verbal attacks, predatory behavior, threats, or the disclosure of other members’ personal information. As always, Coolspotters reserves the right to immediately and permanently ban any member from, for any reason.

We take spam and abuse seriously and will block users or computers that persist in vandalism or other disruptive acts. We pledge to be as open and transparent about this as we can. We also ask that you moderate or let us know about any content you believe is irrelevant or constitutes spam. Remember, this is YOUR community.

#3 - Have fun and help everyone else have fun, too.

Coolspotters was designed to be, above everything else, fun. But nothing can take the fun out of someone’s experience faster than a user who thinks it’s okay to insult or criticize others. Despite its simplicity, Coolspotters is unlike any other site out there, so sometimes, users may need a bit of assistance or guidance in taking advantage of everything the site offers. We ask that everyone (especially the Coolspotters experts out there) take an active role in offering help to new members.

Interact, encourage, and assist - the three fastest ways to become a true community leader on Coolspotters.