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Nice spot on the Affliction shirt that Katherine wears!!!!

Hey Rosie, where did yo get the new pics of Elena & Damon where she is wearing a chunky cardigan/jacket? Need to spot it :)

Someone tweeted them... I can't remember who, but they're behind the scenes from 3.10 I think! The jacket is so cute, I desperately want to spot it :)

OMG. Your Nina spot is on the home page girl!! Way to go! How awesome!

I know someone who is your greatest fan now for spotting those Ian clothes ;) I was told to say thanks to you BIG time ;) So thanks a lot!!!

Hey sweetheart, what items are you willing to sell?

Can't message you from my phone but my items arrived today! I love them! Thank you so much! Hopefully your dress will get there soon!

hey, didn't hear back from you, did you get my message? (:

Ebay uk won't let us bids on your items. Can you add us to your shop places so I can bid on the guess trench?

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