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oooh, yes! those are good alts to the ones she wore to the MTV Movies awards. :) i love mine! the seller can make them both in black.

I have mine in black, and yes, Kristen wears the 2 together. She wore the 3-tier on the bottom of her finger and the 4-tier on the top.

I'm asking $90 (US) + shipping for the Little Red Riding Hood ring. It's size 6.25 but I think it could fit a 6.5 finger because it's a little too big for me.

Oh thank you! That's so sweet. I really don't have that much Bella, mainly Hermione.

I added you! :)

Added you. I'm from Europe too, Germany.

I am asking 35.00. Thanks for the inquiry.

Where do u live?

It would cost at least 14.00 to ship overseas.

Hey,thank you ^_^ !!!! you are interested in something? :) let me know ! ;)

Oh yes!!! Si hablo espanol y si ,mi apellido es espanol pero soy de argentina! sobre la campera bb dakota yo tengo la original asi q nunca le pregunte a mi mama por esa pero nunca encontre la misma tela . Es genial encontrar aca a otra chica q no solo hable ingles :) ,ahora miro tu lista!

Hey! If you ever find the brown jacket from twilight let me know where you got it!

Hi, I have a Hollister shelf bra tank bella wore in navy blue size med if you are interested.

Uh,well I meant if you found a place where you could buy it. Like a company or anything. But Nevermind.

Todo lo que podes ver en mi livejournal , las replicas q hace mi mama :)

Las camperas 110 dlls :)


selling all saints sweater if you interested :)

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