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Hey, I saw your comment about the Pull and Bear jacket. Just wanted to tell you that I bought the jacket at the P&B store in London (I posted the personal pics on the profile btw)); I notice you're from England..where in exactly?

Oh.. :/ There are Pull and Bear stores only in London, Liverpool, and Manchester across the UK.
But there's a chance I might be able to sell some jackets of the same style to some members who have requested it, though I'm still not sure I'll be doing it. Are you interested?

Oh, ok. Hope she finds it!
No problem. :)

hahaha umm..yeah, well this is really embaressing to say. i did end up calling him, but it only lasted a few seconds lol. i didnt realize untill the phone was ringing that he might get scared by thinking that i was an obsessed stalker haha.. so when he picked up i almost threw my phone lol i hung up really fast, being the complete chicken that i am. but i think he heard my friend scream "Taylor, I love you!" in the background. haha. i never called again after that, but he probably changed his number anyway lol. sorry if that wasnt as interesting as you thought. XD

Really thanks :) We both like Kristen! I think she's amazing.. I've just seen Adventureland. I really liked her!

Hey, ***** loving love your display pic, i have that video on my ipod ;)
I saw you have the red riding hood ring, and i was wondering where you got it from ? xx

I just bought a little red riding hood ring from littlepurplecow.com, do u no if they were good to deal with ? I had to order over email as their website had techincal problems, im just worrying its legitimate :S I'm not sure if its the same one, but it said that the rings from the 1920s so i dont see why it couldnt be :)

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