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Lourdes Maria Ciccone Leon (born October 14, 1996) is the daughter of pop icon Madonna, and personal trainer and actor Carlos Leon She was always interested in her mother's style and look. She took dance and drama classes, because she wanted to be an actress. She designed a clothing line... Read More


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Does anybody know where lourdes leon lives? In London or New York City? Where she spend mostly time?

she spends most of her time in New York, but she comes London alot because she was raised there and plus Roccos dad Guy lives there.. :)

Http://i-love-lourdes-2.skyblog.com The french source for everything about Lourdes Leon!

I luv your blog...^^

hey guys! hmm...does anyone know/recognise the cardigan and boots in the first pic?

and the shirt, pants, and jacket in this one?

the shirt in the second picture is from urban outfitters/truly madly deeply

aaa thank you :D

helllluuurrrr! do you know those leggins --> http://www.google.pl/imgres?imgurl=http://gallery.allwome...
I'm looking for them since i was born! xD

haaayy :) yeah they are from topshop, i was tooking for them too but they sold out ages ago :( but ive seen loads on ebay! its called Digital Floral Skull Leggings xx

right... thanks :) I'm sorry that I'm asking all the time, but do u know this shirt -->http://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=http://img.over-blog....

The shirt is from All Saints, check their site or look on ebay!

i live in nyc and laguardia high school the fame school gave her like special admission with a private audition and everything if shes a regular kid she should have waited in the hall where there are like 23521950320 other kids, i had to be called back for a different auditions since there were too many ppl and couldnt do them all in one day thats my dream school and i wanted to go ever since i was 2 since i am an artist

does anyone recognise the bag? xD


It's called Hogan Script Bag, (or something)

but i can't find any site where you can buy it, does anybody know a site where to buy this bag.

Kto z Polski? ;)

Does somebody know where she bought her black leather backpack ??? http://coolspotters.com/public-figures/lourdes-leon/photo...

I'm looking for the earrings Lola wears all the time (golden hoops) does anyone know where she got them? here's a pic thanks!


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