Catherine Dutchess of Cambridge

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Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge (born Catherine Elizabeth Middleton on 9 January 1982. often known as Kate) is the wife of Prince William, Duke of Cambridge. They got married at Westminister Abbey in London on 29 April 2011.


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I wish people would stop spotting the "Whistles" black lace blouse. Whistles has confirmed that it is NOT their blouse and the spot is therefore incorrect.

In my opinion it is Whistles. Take a look at the pictures in this auction:

Then why would magazines like People and such have said it was Whistles. It was from their 2007 line. I have had Kate in the UK call stores and they seemed like they knew it was by the brand.....

If it was Whistles, then why would their representatives put out a statement claiming it is not their blouse?

Hmmm. Interesting. Thought People and such had to have concrete backing before saying who'd designed the article of clothing....

yeah thats really odd as like Laura said i called two branches of whistles over here in uk and they said they knew which top i meant and had had a few calls previous to mine but that it was old season stock and they only stock current season stock they said all clearance stock gets sent to outlet stores but i have not got anywhere with them :S also her is the link to close up photo of tag :)

Exactly, this is the picture I've been talking about. This pretty much prooves it is by Whistles. So IMO we should keep the spot till we get the straight anwser. It cleary looks exact.

I don't know why a rep from Whistles would post that it wasn't their blouse then. It was posted on one of the Kate blogs I follow, but I don't have time to look right now because I have to go to work.

I've no idea why they denied it's theirs. Maybe it was a mistake because what Catherine wore and the Whistles top I've posted are clearly the same.

Can anyone spot the shirt she's wearing with the Navy Smythe blazer and jeans she wore in Canada?

Ok so Kate's looking thinner in the recent photos from her visit w/ the Queen to the display at the palace of her wedding dress

Hey girls, anyone know where I can purchase the perfume vaporizor that kate wore on her wedding day, white gardenia petals by illuminum in the middlands, england?


Kate's gone and done it again ;) She's recycled the green DVF dress she was seen in while visiting the US

Updated my LJ with some pretty KM look a likes :)

I wish this site saw more traffic and comments, alas, perhaps the Duchess' style is getting too expensive for most of us. I'll have to go to WhatKateWore for now for my fix...

I sad b/c she's so pretty and i love how she just shops her own closet!

LJ updates showcasing her TopShop tunic dress from her 25th birthday and the BCBG ruffle jacket she wore the evening before her wedding!!!!!!!!!

How come?!?!

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Can someone update her profile picture please?

Oh thank you!!

Hi girls! I really want to get my hands on a replica of necklace that Kate wore when announcing her and Williams engagement. The design is by Elsa Peretti® at Tiffanys & Co. Anyone know where I can find a cheap replica? Please please please let me know!

I <3 her style so much!!

Hi girls! I am looking to sell my Kate dresses! I no longer collect her clothing! I have an xs blue Zara pleated dress NWT and a Topshop green floral dress size uk8 petite NWOT! Please message me if interested or with offers! Thanks!

Nik! Im interested! how much for both? please message me, Im on my phone cant message you =(

Sure Kate!

The Zara dress is taken, but the Topshop floral dress is still available! Message me if you would like it! Thanks!

It's a big pity that Kate stopped wearing Issa's dresses :(
They are so extraordinary and she looked so magnificent in them!

New Coolspotters blog post featuring Kate:

I have a request to all of you who post spots here!

Please, please look through ALL SPOTS before you create a new one and spot adding duplicates!

Also the shoes posted recently are only rerelease of one Catherine wore ages ago for the first time. The original ones wre posted long ago.

Is it REALLY that hard to simply just look through ALL SPOTS before creating hundreds of duplicate ones?
I mean really "Sledge shoes"? She keeps wearing them since 2011!

I just received my DVF Patrice dress today. It is NWT size 4. Sadly a bit too big. Before I take for alterations, I was wondering if anyone may have a 0 or 2 they may be willing to do a size trade for.... Please reply or private message me! I would really love a smaller size and hope someone here can help!!

What a great initiative here. I'll look around the site and see if I can offer any additional ideas. Thanks.

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