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  1. 145901. LnA Elastic Strap Legging (Clothing)
    3 Spots
  2. 145904. Gucci Zip Front Bomber Jacket (Clothing)
    3 Spots
  3. 145923. Givenchy Pop Gloss Lip Gloss (Health/Beauty)
    4 Spots
  4. 145924. Givenchy Prisme Again! Blush (Health/Beauty)
    5 Spots
  5. 145925. Givenchy Doctor White Eye Powder (Health/Beauty)
    2 Spots
  6. 145932. Jenna Leigh Balconette Bra (Clothing)
    2 Spots
  7. 145936. Giorgio Armani GA 699 Sunglasses (Sunglasses)
    3 Spots

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Linea Pelle and LPLP Linea Pelle Purple Tote

Spotted by littleoogie about 2 months ago

Dolce Vita and Dolce Vita Java Boots

Spotted about a month ago by rubysummerfan

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