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  1. Apple iPhone (Cell Phone)
    479 Spots
  2. Apple iPhone 4 (Cell Phone)
    421 Spots
  3. Apple iPhone 5 (Cell Phone)
    187 Spots
  4. Apple iPhone 5C (Cell Phone)
    5 Spots
  5. Apple iPhone 5S (Cell Phone)
    48 Spots
  6. Apple iPhone 6 (Cell Phone)
    5 Spots
    1 Spot
  8. Audiovox CDM8600 (Cell Phone)
    1 Spot

Cell Phone Spots

Irina Shayk and Apple iPhone 5S

Spotted by Coolshades12236 about 11 months ago

Nokia and Nokia Lumia 1020

Spotted about 12 months ago by Lani

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