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i love your movie welcome to the rileys, kristen stewart, melissa leo, robert pattinson, welcome to the rileys, you are my favorite producer in the world

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Giovanni Agnelli is known for his personal interaction with fans through social networking sites such as facebook and twitter. This has made him a worldwide fan favorite. Giovanni Agnelli is one of the producers of "Welcome to the Rileys" Starring Kristen Stewart, James Gandolfini Giovanni Agnelli Is one of the... Read More


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dude!! Can't wait for Welcome to the Rileys. You are cute and you are funny. Kstew is the fiercest bitch ever!

thank you very much i feel the same yeaaaa!!!!!

I added Paris Hilton because I saw you are in her book. I am sorry but she is a skank, you should stay away from her

I'll bet you don't even know Giovanni

Hello cool spotters thank you for all the information on people i love

@Darby you don't know. If you check around you will find out she does know him and has a picture with him to prove it so there hater

Happy Birthday COOLSPOTTERS I LOVE to come to coolspotters because it is informative all the stars in the world are on this site and mostly I can see Producer Giovanni Agnelli he is the hottest man on earth..........Kristen Stewart, James Gandolfini,Melissa Leo Your movie WTTR Welcome to the Rileys is the best real movie that's been out in decades, not computer generated no special effects.JUST REAL actors doing a great job acting!!!!!!!!! Ken wrote a good screenplay or script whatever it is called, Jake did an amazing job I LOVED the lighting in this movie It made me laugh it made me cry it brought out so many emotions. I love a great big belly laugh and this movie rocked the whole place..I am in awe over the fans coming out and joining hands sotospeak. Kristen is the world to them more power to them!!!!!!!!!!! If anyone ever reads this and knows Giovanni tell him he rocks my world. I am not like stalking him,well yeah, on the computer I am hahahha

This comment was deleted.

That comment is totally un called for. What didn't he pay any attention to you? It sounds like it. again, little Gio crussador?? LOL!

Out of all the beautiful pictures of Kristen is this not one of the most unflattering one you could come up with and what happened to the picture of Paris?

Gio!!! OMG if we could create a spot for your eyes alone :)

Would be nice huh? You can get lost in those bad boys ;)

When I met him the sun was shining in his eyes and I honestly thought they were battery operated. Ive never seen eyes (or teeth) that bright in my life. He let me get right up close to see if they were contacts LOL they are REAL! He was so so nice. He was with his disabled nephew, the love between them made me cry.

Giovanni Agnelli is the best I LOVE him he is going to rule the world I hope :)

What is his next movie? I saw Twilight Zone was, but what is going on with that?

Gio is so nice and cute!

Giovanni how can you stand to be that close to that lying back stabbing *****?

I am boycotting The Twilight Zone

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