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Yes no problem! I will let you know when I put them up for auction:)

what size are you needing my mom is making a drop dead replica of it?

sure as soon as its pieced together i'll have her send some pics :)0

sent you an email :)



i'm sorry shipping where are you located??

It'S Black & itwould be about $4.95 to ship in us & regular international woulb vary but it is a little more like maybe $7

yes i do have paypal do you want more photo's ??


my email is htgonzal@aol.com here is more pics


these are pics of the top above ok so send $21 total to htgonzal@aol.com $15 for top $6 for shipping & PLEASE mark it personal ..Thank you

and as soon as she opens an Etsy shop I will let you know :)

Got it!!! i'll send it off tommorow :)

It's a nice casual sweater; super comfy =)
I found mine by looking under women's clothing for an Old Navy Scoopneck Sweater. Hope you find one too!

Hey girls !
As you maybe saw, the last lucky brand stripe henley (Bella wears in New Moon) was sold on ebay for the insane price of 170 $.
We decided to create a FB fans page to get this item re release !
Please, just join & leave a comment; we really need as fans as possible for this item too !
I hope you will be enthusiastic about this project =)

Hi Pri, on ebay just narrow your selections down to Old Navy for brand, and gray and green for color. You can also search your size and maybe boatneck as that's the kind of top it is. And sweater. I'll post links if I find any sweaters.Good luck!

hi pri, i don't really live in forks but one day i want to move to washionton state

Hi. $50 bucks for the lb henley ? Tht sounds awesome my momis giving me money tomorrow I WANT the lb henley so could u hold it for me and ill let u no if I have enough. I should and since I'm trying to sell my own stuff I should be able to get the money. No matter what.

Haha Yeah sorry there was a mistake.
I was using my celphone and clicked the wrong person sorry. :)

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