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thanks for the advice
i think im going to buy the toms instead on the vans,

Hi =)
I replied to your comment on Kristen's page.
Sorry that I answered that late I just saw your question this morning ^^

Hi Christine!

I think you should get size S. It's the smallest they have and I think Kristen has size S, too.

Which size do you normally have in shirts?

You're welcome!

That was nice with the "danke" :D

I would be glad to know if you're happy with the shirt (after you got it) :)

hey, thanks for the advice on TOMS sizes! =]

not yet, should be getting them soon tho

Hi Christine!

That's great. You got the women's, right?
How does it fit?

Yes, I have it too. But I got the men's one. I absolutely love that shirt :)

Yeah, we are :D

So it's not form-fitting? I supposed the women's would be. But that's cool that it fits like Kristen's. I love the color of the shirt. First didn't recognize that it is an American Apparel shirt :)

What size do you normally wear? 'Cause I like the women's version but I think a size L wouldn't fit that loose on me.

Yes, I got the stickers too. No bag tho. That would've been cool :)

Thanks for all the infos. You are so nice :)

The largest size the Defend New Orleans shop has in the women's shirt is size L. So I have no other choice as to get that size :)
But it came into my mind that I could try it on at the American Apparel store then I know for sure if it fits :D

That's a good thought with the printing. If the L shirt doesn't fit I could think about that.

Well, I'll try the shirt on at an American Apparel store and the I will see. I normally wear a size L in shirts (hate the too form-fitted shirts too) so it SHOULD fit in size L.

Although I already have the men's shirt. I shouldn't even think about ordering a second one. But I have a sister who takes my things gladly (most times) :D

hey. I would be interested in the jacket if you would be willing to pick one up for me. I could pay you through paypal :) Please let me know as soon as you can. Thank you!!!


I would be about a large (14 or 16) Please let me know and I would love to hear back from you. Thank you so much!!


Hmm... Are you able to maybe measure the bust size of the jacket? That might be able to help. Other wise I am very interested and I look forward to hearing back from you !! :)

Hi. I would be about a 38 or 40 on the size chart. Please let me know and I would be glad to send the money to you. :)

Hi Christine!
I saw that you have made the Pull & Bear Leather Jacket Spot of Kristen.. did you buy it? If you do, can you tell me if the jacket is from F/W 2009 collection? :) Next week I'm planning to go to a big mall with a big Pull&Bear shop so I hope to find it :)
Thanks in advance!

I live in Manchester

Umm, I dont think my sister would like that, I think she's getting me one for Christmas, she's buying it today, if she doesn't come home with it, I will think about you buying it and shipping it for me.
Thank you

Oh! Really thanks! I hope to find it cause it looks so nice and comfy! I think it's very nice from Kris wearing stuff from her fans :)
Thanks again!

Hey! How did you make out finding anymore of the jackets? I would still love to get one. Please let me know if you can. thank you !!!

I was wondering about the defend new orleans shirt. I didn't know about the sizing, since you got the womens shirt. I'm a little bit bigger than Kristen, so is the sizing kind of big? Because I usually wear a medium in womens shirts, and mens.

Hey. About the Steve Madden shoes. I just got a pair at the original store and the woman who worked there told me that they run small. I am a size 8 and she gave me an 8 1/2 and they fit great. You should probably get a half size up.

yeah i did...and i love it so far! :)

no problem. glad to be a help :)

Hi, I noticed you have the Pull and Bear jacket I was wondering, where you found it?

That's great, I would be interested in one, if you actually happen to run across one. And if you wouldnt mind picking one up for me. :)

That would be great.

where did you find the "little athens" tee. that is the one i am trying to find cuz that one is obviously hers, cuz hers is more sheer than the longer version and hers isn't that long cuz you would see it tucked in under her jeans more. do you have a link you could give me to purchase one?

thanks for posting those green converse. just bought the size 5 :)

they really do look like the trekking green!

wonder how i will be able to tell when i get them? lol

if you would send me pics of yours that would be great. do you have them in the trekking green color? i ordered them anyways cuz even if they aren't exact, they are the closest findable.

you could upload them with tinypic.com and then either load them on my page or yours so i can see them. i got mine in the mail and i am pretty sure they are the trekking green color!


here is a pic of mine. they are not this dark though in person. i couldn't get them to get the color right. i will try again in a bit to do it, lol


here is a better picture...

That's an awesome profile picture you have there.

Haha, thanks! I really like old pictures, this will be fun.

And thank you :)

That is a sweet idea. If you ever do put them on tee shirts, and feel the need to sell them babies, let me know, because I'd probably buy one.

hey. not my blog but i know the person whose it is. yeah i know what you mean. i love that about tumblr, but i have a blog too and you cant get an archive. well i least i dont think you can. if you know otherwise let me know and ill try and pass the comment along! she says she gets all her pictures from many different sites and i think theres some of her own work on their too. xxx

Hello !
I'm going to buy the Defend New Orleans Tee and I saw you said Womens large fits the best. I have the same size as Kristen so I hope it will fit like hers :D
Do you maybe have a pic of your t-shirt?

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