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At this point, the hoodie is pretty much a simple grey hoodie. It looks like it could be from American Apparel but other than that, just try your local area stores. A simple heather grey hoodie like the one Kristen is wearing could be from anywhere. It might even be vintage since she has said in interviews that she shops in vintage clothing stores. Good luck though!

Hey there. You should post a link for the Revolution Rock shirt so people can buy it if they want. Thanks for spotting it!!!

Lol! Of course i'm talking about Internet Explorer! ;) I was going to see if anyone else was having trouble viewing the pictures relating to the spot, when they clicked on it. Have you?

Yeah! It's funny, cause my internet just stops working at the most random times. And i'm always right smack down in the middle of something. But i've found a solution to viewing the pictures (not so much my insane internet). It seems like everyone has converted to Firefox, so i gave it a shot, and it allows me to access them. Here's the link, if you want to try it. I'm bummed. I love my old clunky Explorer!

Hey, i saw you posted on Kristen's coolspotter's about a cherry bomb red shirt at Urban Outfitters, could you send me the link please, as i searched for it but couldn't find it, Thank you.

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