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LOVE your collection!! hope to find the talula hoodie someday! :)

Ha ha thanks, I just said what I thought :)


Aerie top that came out the same season as Bellas AE Military henley. I grabbed it bc it looks very close to bellas and normally Aerie does a similar version to alot of their AE clothes. Its brand new and is a size small. Its a longer shirt and its bit long and big on me, Im asking what I paid $20+ship. it has tabbed sleeves so it can be rolled up to be a 3/4 sleeve or it can be long sleeves. it also has a collar and bellas doesnt ;) 18inches pit to pit and 27inches in length

Thanks for offering to do that, but I want it to fit baggy like her's so I need at least a L or XL.

Thanks anyway =]

I love you wall ;)

Hey, I was just wondering if you knew if the Curious Gypsy thermal would still be available around Christmas time because that's when I can for sure get it.

First off, thanks for replying :] I don't think I could purchase it any time soon. Oh well haha Thanks again.

No problem =] didn't think you'd mind since almost everyone on here knows it. Sorry if I made you feel uncomfortable.

It really makes me sad that you guys feel like you have to do that. CS is my favorite site because everyone gets together to spot or re-release something. Just don't let someones opinion get to you.

If I did that, then I never would have survived High School! Lol

I'd probably get a medium or small. It depends if I lose weight like I plan to this summer.

Hey Shannon! Are you still selling Ashley's heart pocket tee?

Oh :( no worries. Yeah i am! I'll PM you later! Just going to bed ;)

No thanks, I was hoping for one with the flowers like bellas. I wasn't aware that they made stripe ones! Lol, but thanks tho :)

Do you have any other Bella items that you would be willing to sell? I already saw all that you had on eBay...

hey sure :) my lj is kp-forever17 thank you x

Hi love! I know that Mar searched the H&M shirt alt to the bowling shirt you should offer it to her ;)

hey shan, i know jaqulienbella was looking for a vs cami, you should message her!
Erin :) <3

Is the orange free people top still available? If so I'm interested in buying it!

Is the VS cami still avaliable Shannon? :)

Is it like super tight? Because I know VS sometimes is really small. I don't like tight stuff. But I get paid tomorrow so maybe I will buy it :)

Can you send an invoice to me? Thanks Shannon! :)

Will you make sure it says my name when you mail it? I accidently selected my moms address. I just paid it btw (:

Let me know when you have shipped it! Thanks again

Okay that's cool :) Do you happen to have either of the style numbers for the VS camis Elena wears?


Nina's A/X black tank size small worn twice asking $25+ship


Carolines AE tank in size XS worn once asking $13+shipping


Alt to Elenas Guess salsa cami. This is also by Guess size XS/SM brand new with tags. asking $24+shippping

I'm interested in the Energie Top. I'm assuming this is Bella oriented?

Hey, I was just wondering if you could add me back on LJ? It's fine if you don't want to, I just wanted to see your collection x]

I like it so much

aww thanks honey! :D i had a great one! also, i'm stopping at the mall tomorrow to see Lucia and i'm going to stop at macys to look for your eyeshadow tank. :D <3

I like it soooo much and want it sooo badly, but I get my monye in a month :(

hello - did i answer u about the express lace tank yet??? please let me know how much it is shipping to germany thanx

did u remove the pic of the tank?? i can´t find it again :-( do u think the small will fit me? i heard express runs smaller... the price for shipping is ok.

I might me interested by some of you items. The bdg parka is a unisex size?


I might me interested by some of you items. The bdg parka is a unisex size?

Thanks for all the help you give ^_^*
I adore the Burkman Bros jacket, and was so sad I had missed the previous re-release!
This new release makes me so happie happy happeee! ^_^*

:-( no dear still no package, thanks for the proof shirts...i am really annoyed with it, i'm also waiting a CGT from more than a month :-( and other things, and nothing yet, but a the good news is that my mom just received the brown vans :-) so something positive is happened today, i'm asking every single day to my mom if there is something for me but the answer is still the same i'm tired to wait a lot especially for the items i'm waiting for first like curious gipsy and another shirt the james perse one!!wait is a *****!

Hey do you have the link to where you got the Belstaff jacket? :)

Aw no :( I knew I shouldn't have waited! How much did you get it for?

You're welcome love! I just think this girl is crazy!! Really don't understand what's happen to CS, people are more and more weird here!!

You can message me about the TNA trade. I have a red/black plaid & I might be interested. :)


Esme's Gstar Vest!

Really? The button spacing seems different on the YM one when its compared to Bella's. But who knows! With my luck its just my CGT ;)
My Name is vicky i want to your profile today at ( and i love it i think we can clcik from thier!please i will like you to email me back through my email thus;( am waiting to recive your lovely reply soonest!
vicky !
please contact me through my email address so i can give you my picture and tell you my datel have a nice day.

Did you still have any of what your selling available? Thank you!!

Hey! Do you still have bellas joie top for sale?

Hi there, do you still have the Belstaff jacket or was that sold? Sorry don't know how to private message. I'm new to Coolspotters :)

Hey, do you have the AE bomber jacket in beach tar, and if you do are you selling it? :)

This is probably a Longshot but do you still happen to be selling the zara fairisle cardigan? ?

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