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Oh really? Haha I love when that happens :) Thank you! <3

Aww, thank you for such a sweet message!! <:D It means a lot to me! Your spots are amazing too! :D x

Yeah, I am!! I didn't want to post it publicly though because of the eBayers who sell it for $50+. I think it's really cool too! :D

By the way, are you looking for the BDG Zip-Up Cardigan? I found one in the gray color in size XS on a Canada selling website for $7 CAD. If you want the link, I can message you it! Just let me know :)

Other linked usernames:

KatherineGilbert, TVDCloset, Sammi5weetheart. Notice how these users aren't around all the time. Just certain times, they pop up with selling stuff.


sammi5weetheart and tvdcloset have the same paypal address, just noticed that i got scammed =/

I got scammed to buy TVDcloset !!!! I hate that

OMG I think I got scammed by Sammi5weetheart. I sent money thru paypal. But I didn't get an invoice. I'm going to open a claim now. I hope I can!

She keeps giving me the runaround thru email.

Thanks so much for posting all this. I got scammed by KG, but had an invoice and filed my claim last week. I bought something for Sami5weetheart that she hasn't paid me all the way for. It's been over 2 months. any suggestions as to what I should do?

Hopefully we can get our money back. The name that appeared thru paypal is Branden Delong. Is that the same with you?

You can add ElenaFan89 to the list of names linked here. There girl's name is Samantha Delong, or at least that's the name I have. She's strung me along for three months. I feel like such an idiot!

Hey girls, you can definitely add Beautiful Disaster to the list. Her email was shown as Samantha Delong. And the PayPal payment was Branden Delong.
I lost really a ton of money for now, over $500, I "bought" almost her entire Elena Collection, for reasonable prices. But it was only two weeks ago. I opend PayPal claims yesterday. But I think we must stay together and have to give PayPal as much proof as possible. If someone need a statement from me, just let me know!

Thank you so much for telling us who is a scamming people.Almost bought something from tvd closet


LOL!!! I am so excited it got spotted! I definetely want to get it! It must be my birthday present from the world of clothing spots! Hehehe

Aww thank you sweetheart!!!

Yay! :D Have you worn it yet?

Hahaha which one? the FP?

ali think i added the prices :)

Ahhahahahaha yeeeeeah i love him i find him soo hot!!!!yyuuummyyyyyu mmmm hope to dream about him tonight!!!ahauahauuauaua

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