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Taylor Alison Swift, born December 13, 1989, is an American country singer-songwriter. Signed to Big Machine Record label in 2006, Taylor made her debut on the U.S. Billboard country charts with her debut single "Tim McGraw". In October 2006, she released her self-titled debut album, which was certified 3× Multi-Platinum... Read More



hey lov ya i liked ur song in hanna montana!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:]]]]]

hiii ur so cool

i love her clothes

hey u know i think you have alot of cool and cute stuff.

i love taylor swift....

does anyone know the brand of glasses she wears in the 'You Belong With Me' video clip?

This comment was deleted.

I dont believe Taylor actually views this page, so she wont reply unfortunately :( maybe you should take your number off of here.


I used to like Taylor Swift singing, but now I can't believe what I was thinking no offence but she is such a bad singer and keeps going high pitched then low pitched... Sorry to everyone who likes her though xx

she is kind out o.k. she just needs to catch up wit evabody else wit the party type music

I honestly like her because she stays away from that scene, shes her own person I dont see her doing that anytime soon.

Taylor I have all of your Cd's I thought you and Lautner was very cute in Valentine's day. And the big question is are you going to write a song about Taylor Lautner anyway? I look forward to listening to an upcoming new songs!!!

She was going to write a song about Lautner? That's awesome, they make a cute couple, plus funny that they have the same name ;) She's a great musician, very creative!

she's hot, love her and her new album!


Awesome singer love mine

i saw her concert in Norway and i can say that it will be a memory for a life time! i loved every thing about it! <3

Does anyone know where Taylor's shoes are from in this picture?
Thank you! xx

I love her new video Sparks Fly!

i love taylor swift, i love her music, her singing and her nice personality but i especially like that picture she was in with that young girl and taylor was wearing an irish button sweater. luv it it looks great on her.

I love Taylor swift and she's so pritty I wish I could look like her

Hi! Does anybody know the exact shade of lipstick Taylor is wearing on the "RED" album cover? Thanks. (:

I'm 90% sure it's CoverGirl Lip perfection lipstick in Burn290.

Thank you! :) that's what I was thinking too, but its head to know for sure.

You know now that I actually tried it on my lips(I'm as pale as Taylor) Burn 290 is a lot darker than what she wears on the cover. CoverGirl doesn't have a red that bright and matte. It has to be a different brand. I do love Burn290 though =] it's a great dark red and it has some gold shimmer to it and it's easier to wear than the bright Laura Mercier red that I wear most of the time.

Taylor's Anthropologie Amarena Red Dress from Valentine's Day sz M


Omg I can't believe I have the same lipstick as Taylor swift

Luv her song 22

I am selling the pair of shoes in size EU 37, please contact me for low price

What earbuds does she normally wear? I know it's skullcandy but not sure the model.

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